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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

December Contests - Ooh, Shiny!

Cat | 737d ago
User blog

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Everyone, let's get ready for…Christmas!!!

I wanted to get these contests up well in advance because we have an extra one going for the month of December - and it requires EFFORT. Keep your beer drinking pants on, there are still the usual lotteries. :)

Submit your original artwork and be entered into the lottery and the competition! Here’s some important bits:

- Artwork should be gaming related, and in the spirit of the holidays/season
- Artwork must be original.
- Submit your artwork in the comments below or via PM to me, Cat, via YouTube or image. Included in the video or image should be your N4G username (and not photoshopped on top, we’re using this to save time weeding out cheating cheaters from cheatertown)
- While multiple works are accepted from one user, each work is considered its own submission unless presented as a coherent series with one work identified as representative of the whole
- If you submit artwork that is not yours you’re DQed…from all 2014 contests. And you have to give cgoodno all your presents. Cheating scoundrels cover S&H.
- Site TOU apply

THE LOTTERY: Three winners will be chosen at random from eligible artsy entrants, and each will receive a $50 Amazon gift card!
THREE WINNERS - $50 Amazon card each

THE CHOSEN ONES: Three winners will be chosen based on which we like best. :) Things like creativity and execution will be strongly considered.
THREE WINNERS - $75 Amazon card each

(I'm getting a couple questions that usually end with "because I'm not good at drawing" - this isn't a drawing contest, it's an art contest, so it's not limited to drawing or painting, pencil or paint! Digital mediums, sculpture, so on accepted :))

Each comment you make on N4G during December = 1 entry. Comment 25 times? 25 entries. 100? 100 entries. You get the idea? Yeah, you do! (Hey, this includes Forum posts!)

DQ if you pick up a restriction during the contest period, and comments with negative labels (Trolling, Off Topic, etc.) don't count.

Prize: 4 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each!

You must post a User Blog in the month of December! More than that…it should fit the season! In December we’ll be looking for the best blogs about Christmas gaming, wintry themed gaming experiences, your favorite holiday gaming memory, that sort of thing. The top 5 User Blogs as voted by cgoodno and me win! There's no limit to how many wonderful User Blogs you can write and enter, anything you author here on N4G during the month of December that fits contest criteria will be eligible.

Prize: 5 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each!

Submit news and get a top News ranking in December and you can win up to $100!

The prizes are:
1st: $100 Amazon Gift Card
2nd: $75 Amazon Gift Card
3rd: $50 Amazon Gift Card
4th: $25 Amazon Gift Card
5th: $25 Amazon Gift Card
6th: $25 Amazon Gift Card
7th: $25 Amazon Gift Card
8th: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Please let me, Cat, know if you have any questions!
Some Terms and Conditions:
1. Competition is open to all N4G users, except for employees of HAVAmedia and immediate relatives. Contests are not limited to the US/NA.
2. Closing date is 11:59 PM EST 31st December 2013.
3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances N4G/HAVAmedia reserves the right to substitute the prizes for alternatives of equal or greater value.
4. Prizes are not transferrable.
5. The winners of the competition will be notified by N4G ticket on or before January 10, 2014.
6. Failure to reply to ticket notification within seven (7) days results in forfeiture of prize.

HammadTheBeast  +   737d ago
Kewl. Time to get my skethpad out.
FogLight  +   737d ago
Artwork huh? That is an interesting one. I like that idea :)
Blastoise  +   737d ago
Get ready for my mad art skills

Yes, I did this avatar myself.
Christopher  +   737d ago
Please, I beg you, submit artwork that is blatantly not your own! I need me some gifts!

But, seriously, hope to see some great submissions!
zerocrossing  +   737d ago
A art competition huh? did I mention I went to art college ;)

Seriously though, good luck everyone!
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thebudgetgamer  +   737d ago
Po tip: If you win respond directly to the ticket or you will be S.O.L.
Cat  +   737d ago
Temporarily S.O.L. :) I try to squeeze everyone (even ppl that don't respond within the 7 day limit) onto the next month. The October cycle will pay out next week.
SilentNegotiator  +   737d ago
Happened to me on TechSpy. $50 down the drain...sigh...
yellowgerbil  +   736d ago
what does S.O.L mean?
SilentNegotiator  +   736d ago
S*** Outta Luck.
coolbeans  +   737d ago
You just had to sacrifice user reviews for December, didn't you? >:(

In any case, it's cool to see this break from the norm. And I'm really excited to see the best ones n4g has to offer. Given which suggestion you went with, would this mean I'm now off the hook from reviewing Rush, Cat? :D
yellowgerbil  +   737d ago | Interesting
cool, started working on one already. He check out my webcomic at
here's my inprogress drawing is that in line with the theme? (will have a north pole background by time it is finished
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SilentNegotiator  +   737d ago
Does erotic Christmas game art count?
StockpileTom  +   736d ago
Well can't a game itself be considered art? Such a style of game would be quick to make even with a low level of programming skill. I never have made a VN style game before though... Maybe I will make one? Not sure about going full eroge though.

I may or may not go along with this. I still have plumbing to do. If I do this it would be purely for the challenge since the money doesn't really motivate me.

If you can do it you should go all out too lol
PhantomTommy  +   736d ago
I love that you're rocking some Kelsey!

This is a nice little contest, looking forward to seeing all the pretty pictures!
SilentNegotiator  +   736d ago
I enjoyed donning the Red Foreman for a while, but now that I'm really getting into Frasier, I figured I could use Kelsey for a while.
blueberry  +   724d ago
It's Christmas for gods sake....

Get your pants under control for once, won´t you?!
black0o  +   734d ago
I hate arts -_-
Kingthrash360  +   731d ago
my submission (kingthrash on the stamp in pic)
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megadrivesonic  +   730d ago
You can count me in on this art contest!
aDDicteD  +   723d ago
Very nice art contest!! It really is unique and exciting, i'll do what I can ^_^
CaptainCamper  +   723d ago
Even my very best stickman wouldn't stand a chance! :D

Best of luck to all
CursedHero  +   721d ago
My name is CursedHero and I am submitting these original pieces I did for your art contest, Cat. I combined Pokemon from generation 1 with Injustice: Gods Among Us characters. With this comment is my hope that both Goldeen and Absol can get an "Injustice Evolution" to become Goldeen-Man (Goldeen + Aquaman) and Absol the Witch Boy (Absol + Kalrion the Witch Boy).

Related image(s)
CursedHero  +   721d ago
My username is Cursed Hero. My submissions combine Pokemon characters with Injustice: Gods Among Us characters. I created them, because I would like to see Pokemon have Injustice Evolutions. For some reason, I can't attach images, so here is the link: http://secretpoetrysociety....
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fabiani  +   717d ago
1ST one is inspired by the helghast from killzone.I developed my own original helghast. His name is lester a judge.Theres a hint of dead space and assasins creed in the design.It is in realtime in Maya what all developers use.

2nd one takes inspiration from jak 3 erol. I completely modeled his body but with original modification n painted textures it looks better

3rd is a level inspired by god of war of its epic scale and use of sculptures and a beatiful set piece in the background with a nice arena in the center.It is a underground tomb of ancient beasts waiting to be released.

Related image(s)
CursedHero  +   716d ago
fabiani has mad skillz! Gorgeous work there, my friend!
fabiani  +   717d ago
My username is Fabiani

1st is a warhawk i made with my own paint job. It is in a envirement i made in the unreal engion

2nd is a insperation from the new devil may cry but my version of Dante is far more tough and badass.

3rd is some of my best video game character concepts together.
#18 (Edited 717d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
fabiani  +   717d ago
My username is fabiani
1st one is a compostion of deadspace when the marker is on earth.

2nd is a huge combination of attributes from dragon ball z being the majin sign bleaches vizord mask and the sharinghan from naruto all in me.I have clouds strap and dantes sword as well as a mechanical arm.My favorite character Seymore is right next to me.

3rd is a my favorite battle of Hollywood stars machine vs beast in this T-REX destroys a terminator and a van is on the run in front my school Ex'pression college.
fabiani  +   717d ago
My username is Fabiani
1st one is a new version of nemesis as a wastelander of the desert with a huge desert eagle on his back.

2nd is the greatest battle I could imagine between kratos the strongest character in gaming in my opinion due to his anger and broly the strongest in anime in my opion due to his psychotic nature going at it with ff character just watching. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.a...

3rd is a composition of prehistoric sea monsters with plants that look like Christmas trees at the bottom with a city in the background.

4th is a bunch of soft drinks including Sony wine n some nariko along with coke n monster
fabiani  +   717d ago
my username is Fabiani
1st is a screenshot of a flashgame i made. It depicts a helghast like character and a grim from resistance.In this shot your ally has become a grim and you get shot.What would you do

2nd is a title screen i made for my second flash game called blue feather which is about a bird trying to get food to her babies.

3rd is a magical envirnment I painted that would fit in the world of Jak and Daxter. https://scontent-a-sjc.xx.f...

4th is actually a art test that seems fit.It is my take on bubble gum goth and to me it fits the season due to its colors n overall feel.

5th is for my love for the 1st motorstorm.I fully modled and texture a track way with layers of mudd n dirt sand etc.

I work hard and longing for it to pay off someday when Im in the industry.I know devs and gamers would love my work someday for now I keep going pushing the bar as far as I can.
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