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Prizes at the Speed of Internet

Cat|1649d ago |Blog Post|9|

In the past year and more recently in the past few months we at HAVA were trying a couple different prize payment solutions. I don't think it's any big secret (especially to the winners) that none of them was as fast as we would like.

The good news is we just changed things up again and September prizes are already paying out. Users that chose PayPal have already had their prizes issued, and Amazon codes will be paid out by next week. This should speed up even further when we enter our second cycle next month.

Thanks for your patience, and I'm glad we have a solution that will require less of it! :)

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FogLight1649d ago

I would say that this is good news for both the staff of HAVA and the winners ;)

zerocrossing1649d ago

Awesome! I just got my September winnings this morning, thanks for speeding up the delay! :D

1627d ago