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Candy Crush Crushing Your Android

Cat | 876d ago
User blog

We've been getting some complaints that while users are browsing on their mobiles the play store opens and prompts them for a download of Candy Crush Saga.

We took this problem to our advertising partner because we thought it likely there was a problem with one of the ads being run on N4G.

The conclusion is that this is not a problem caused by N4G, NewsBoiler or the ads currently running on the network. There is malicious code that Android users are running into that infects Android devices and makes it seem like the problem is from websites they are surfing.

Unfortunately, that means that this is not something we can help directly with - indirectly, you're armed with the info so hopefully you can get your infected device sorted! :) Some users have reported success with turning off javascript and/or clearing their cache and cookies.

UPDATE - Here are some links that might help:
Remove Hijacker:

Watch Out for Mobile Adware Posing as Candy Crush Saga Apps:

LostDjinn  +   876d ago
Thanks for the heads-up.
HammadTheBeast  +   876d ago
Just for feedback, I'm getting this every time I click or tap something on this website.

No other website has the problem, so I'm assuming it's targeted towards N4G cookies?
Cat  +   876d ago
No, it is happening to Android users that never visit N4G. With each affected person, however, it does seem to single out one or two sites they visit regularly.
HammadTheBeast  +   876d ago
O, I'm only on N4G with my tablet 90% of the time. Thanks for clearing it up though.
Cat  +   876d ago
No problem, it's a useful point of clarification :)
ABizzel1  +   876d ago
I'm glad this was brought, up because I've been having the same problem, and yes every time you click on anything on n4g a "Candy Crush download app" page appears.
SniperControl  +   874d ago
Dude, try this.
I managed to find a way that it would not launch Playstore, just "clear defaults" on Playstore in settings, all you should get now is a prompt to launch Playstore, just clear that prompt to carry on surfing N4G.

I know its not a proper fix, but it saves you from being booted from your internet browser everytime.
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darthv72  +   876d ago
i find it happens more common with using firefox for android. when i use chrome it doesnt happen.

initially i switched from chrome to firefox on my GS2 because chrome had issues with web pages in general. Firefox worked until i started getting the play store pop up.

now i have gone back to chrome on my GS2 and it works fine.
zerocrossing  +   876d ago
That's funny, I've seen the download prompt elsewhere but never on N4G.

Anyway thanks for the heads up.
ColdFeet  +   875d ago
I call bull. Gettings ads? Well your phone must have a virus.
Cat  +   875d ago
Reports are indicating that it's most likely a tracking cookie (I did not use "virus" in my post).
SniperControl  +   874d ago
Yeah, I have had this problem as well, it would be every 2 mins or so, it would boot me from N4G(and my browser) and straight into Playstore to candy crush, I managed to find a way that it would not launch Playstore, just "clear defaults" on Playstore in settings, all you should get now is a prompt to launch Playstore, just clear that prompt to carry on surfing N4G.
Unfortunately, I never found the culprit as I did a block uninstall on a load of games, this did get rid of the problem though.
Should also say during my research, that this problem is not just related to N4G, other users on other websites have reported this problem as well.
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ravinash  +   874d ago
Keep an eye out for free games and apps you have downloaded.
I had a free version of solitaire installed on my phone and it was there for a couple of months.
I'm guessing an update went out for the app to start ads appearing.
Once I removed the app, the ads stopped appearing.

Don't know if a similar thing happens that effects the browser, but good to keep in mind.
Kryptix  +   873d ago
Thanks for letting us know and giving us a fix! I had the same problem and thought it was a glitch with my Play Store and updates. Noticed it was happening when I browsed through N4G. Appreciate the info.

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