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Cat|1651d ago |Blog Post|17|

Bad news: Spam has been on a serious uptick around here lately.

So the team tweaked some settings and the filter.

Good news: Spam is way down.

More bad news: Some non-spamming, definitely member types are getting clocked by the spam fighting SiteBot.

It's by no means an epidemic, but it's happened so I want to get this message out there to the good, non-spamming folks of N4G. :)

If this happens to you, or you suspect it happened to you, contact us via ticket:

Please note that even if you are unable to login, you can still submit a ticket as a Guest. Just be sure to include your username to make it easy for Mods to look up.

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Donnieboi1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Good news

GreenRanger1651d ago

If that SiteBot attacks me; I'm reachin' for my flute...

Donnieboi1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Lol what??


@DedicatedToGamers and GreenRanger:

Thanks I get it now :D

SilentNegotiator1651d ago

The fact that non-spammers are being hit already worries me more than the spam itself.

Blacktric1651d ago

Great news. It's good to know that the admins and mods actively fighting against this crap.

HammadTheBeast1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Spam is actually a good sign, it takes a good site to get spammed, it means you're doing something right.

Glass half full and all that.

ravinash1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Sorry, crap sites do get spammed to.
their not that picky.

zeal0us1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

I mention the word Google and the site thinks I'm trying to submit spam. I glad its fixed now.

The person behind the spambots will just modify their comments so that the system doesn't detect them. I already seen it happen on other sites. For instance they might use symbols instead of letters, space out the website name or instead saying .com they might say dotcom.

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