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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

Enter to Win a PS4!

Cat | 940d ago
User blog

We are giving away a PS4 to a lucky Quizify player! The first version (still squishing some bugs) of Quizify is now available in the app store, and N4G has an official quiz available. If you take the N4G quiz you can enter to win a PS4! Both Quizify and the N4G quiz are free.

The Quizify App (free!):

Some rules to highlight:
- Must be over 13 years of age
- Open to residents in all countries
- If we cannot ship a PS4 to your location we will award a prize of similar value.
- Contest ends one month prior to PS4 launch.
- Random drawing
- One entry per person
- You will receive email confirmation of your entry after you play the N4G quiz and complete the entry form.

To Android folks: The Android version is currently in CB (if you signed up for HAVAlabs you may have even received an invite to that!) but will be released before the contest is closed. We will make an announcement when it is available so you will be able to enter.

Having trouble finding the Quiz?
1) Go to Quiz Market
2) Choose Official from top menu
3) Choose N4G


1) Go to Quiz Market
2) Search N4G from top right of menu

zeal0us  +   940d ago
Is there a Android version?
LOGICWINS  +   940d ago
Was about to ask the same thing.
Cat  +   940d ago
Currently the Android version is in closed Beta testing, but it will be available on Android before the contest period ends. We will post an update when that happens so you will have a chance to enter.
Emilio_Estevez  +   939d ago
Awesome! Down with iTunes! Will give it a go when that's available.

Sorry guys and gals, I will obviously be winning this PS4.
adorie  +   931d ago
If Emilio Estevez wins this PS4, I am going to resurrect a friend of mine and drive it through his house!

I'll be winning dat PS4, thank you very much. :)
Link2DaFutcha  +   912d ago | Funny
If Emilio Estevez wins, I'd say its a long time coming, dude has been out of work and is responsible for the single greatest hockey play in the history of ever.
coolbeans  +   940d ago
Oh goody! :D

One question: Did HAVA ship out the N4G t-shirts to those who won that Quizify contest a couple of months back? I don't remember receiving a ticket for that.
#2 (Edited 940d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Cat  +   940d ago
No :( You'll be getting ticket updates from me on that front
coolbeans  +   940d ago
Sounds good. :)
WildArmed  +   940d ago

They picked YOUR questions instead of mine?

I call BS >:(
coolbeans  +   939d ago | Helpful
Did you miss Cat's update?

Your olde username is mentioned as one of the winners too! ^^

*Sigh*...I remember the good 'ole skv007's days. :')
#2.2.1 (Edited 939d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Emilio_Estevez  +   939d ago
I want that T! I think N4G should sell them too, but apparently that makes me crazy.
WildArmed  +   939d ago
You wanna give them money?

Well they don't want it :P
WildArmed  +   939d ago
Ohh yess! I did miss the update.

Thanks for letting me know! :D

Am happy now :D
Tultras  +   932d ago
Bubbles... ;'(
araman  +   940d ago
So I tried this and started a new game with the N4G quiz, but it keeps only finding opponents for me under "Mixed" - what gives? Are there no opponents on the quiz or does this simply not work?

edit: nevermind, figured it out - need to just do practice mode.
#3 (Edited 940d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Toon_Link  +   940d ago
Very exciting contest here I'm going to DL the app now!
Erudito87  +   940d ago
wow this is great
ThePsychoGamer  +   940d ago
Could clear up a few things, How will the winner be decided, random drawing, or based on some leader board thing? If it's a random drawing, are there any limits on entries? (IE one entry per person, or just one entry per day)

EDIT Thank you
#6 (Edited 940d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
-Alpha  +   940d ago
States random drawing in the description
KwietStorm  +   939d ago
How long after the contest ends will the winner be notified?
zepazudojeh013   938d ago | Spam
jakmckratos  +   938d ago
THe Answer is Rhydon btw
Jyndal  +   936d ago
"If we cannot ship a PS4 to your location we will award a prize of similar value."

How do you rank the value of a yet-to-be-released console to the mind of a gamer?
Tultras  +   932d ago
Winner will be decided 1 month before release of console, The price will be known by then. ;)
xg  +   936d ago
Great !
TH3KARMACHARGER  +   935d ago
If this was an all Pokemon quiz I would have won every system ever made by now. But alas, it is not =-P.
Thatlalala  +   932d ago
It's Rhydon.
dyjefeliqed03   930d ago | Spam
ChillOut707  +   926d ago
How do I enter the N4G quiz ? the links leads to quiz applications but I don't know how to enter the N4G one specifically
svfox  +   925d ago
I'm gonna win this so don't bother trying.

GeckoPutt  +   925d ago
I need to stop clicking on this link thinking it's News... -_-
MisfitsInc  +   920d ago
too bad i dont have a facebook account ):

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