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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

Neverwinter Beta Giveaway

Cat | 979d ago
User blog

The good folks at Perfect World Ent have supplied us with 2000 keys to get you into the Neverwinter Beta! Set in what is arguably one of the most popular Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings, The Forgotten Realms, players explore and defend the iconic city of Neverwinter as it rises from the ashes of destruction. This action MMORPG takes players from the besieged walls of the city once known as The Jewel of The North, to subterranean passageways in search of forgotten secrets and lost treasure.

Here's how to get a key, and more info about the game:

1) Comment on this blog post (just once, please!)
2) You will be sent a key via N4G PM within 12 hours.


1) Go to
2) New accounts create an account, existing accounts login.
3) Enter your key here -
4) Download the game client here -
5) Install and play!

The keys will grant you access to Beta Weekend 3, which begins on Friday, March 22 at 12pm PT and lasts until Sunday, March 24 at 11:59pm PT. Here’s some information about what players can look forward to in Beta Weekend 3: -New Class: Great Weapon Fighter -New Content: Pirates' Skyhold and Icespire Peak Adventure Zones -10 More Levels: Up to Level 50 -PvP: Fight against other players for the first time!

FOUNDERS PACKS: If you're a Neverwinter fan you'll want to check out the Founder’s Pack, which is rife with perks - including a headstart to the game when it releases. Website:

___________________ All N4G and NewsBoiler TOU apply. The giveaway will run through Saturday, March 23 ending at 11:59 PM EST. Note, players in these regions won’t be able to redeem keys or get to our website, but they can still connect to the game: - China, Egypt Russia, Hong Kong, North and South Korea, Macao, Taiwan, and Vietnam

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MrGunny94  +   979d ago
Neverwinter i've been waiting for this for years!
Christopher  +   978d ago
Been in alpha/beta for a while. I think a lot of people here will like this MMO. Utilizes 4e D&D rules and they work well for this type of game (better than 3.5, though I'd still rather play 3.5 in a PnP game).
saikorican  +   979d ago
This looks interesting.
krazyacid  +   979d ago
I'll check it out
Noctis  +   979d ago
great, I love testing MMOs :)
ironhulk13  +   979d ago
I'd love to try.
legacy7126  +   979d ago
Ive missed out every alpha/beta so far...
I really look into this game and i love to test them out!
pythonxz  +   979d ago
I will actually give feedback and bug reports, unlike most.
Zodiac  +   979d ago
Love me some D&D.
pandehz  +   979d ago
This BETA beta begood
RavenWolfx  +   979d ago
I would love to have a key!
anderssc  +   979d ago
seems like a good deal to me
Demose36  +   979d ago
Sweet! Looks Awesome!
Spazz  +   979d ago
I'll try it.
darkcloud8988  +   979d ago
looks so awesome!
Drummerdude41  +   979d ago
KEy me PLZ!
iNMyFiN4LH0uR  +   979d ago
Looks sweet!
armyofcarrion  +   979d ago
Free beta keys :D, I want to see what the game is.
FunkMasterMike  +   979d ago
Oh dip, hope I get a key
charlieja82  +   979d ago
This game looks like fun!
BadWookie  +   979d ago
Can't wait to see where they've taken the franchise!
SinaMK  +   979d ago
looks pretty damn awesome! here's my comment lmao
Ilovetheps4  +   979d ago
Can I please get a key? I've been wanting to try this game out for a while.

jAyy  +   979d ago
Sounds like a fun game ;D
tdogg87  +   979d ago
Can i have a key please. This game looks interesting and i would like to try it out
Letros  +   979d ago
Neverwinter!!! Thanks Cat!
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Caden517  +   979d ago
Would love the key, thanks :D
Beahmscream  +   979d ago
Me please <3?:))) Thanks
Elwenil  +   979d ago
Count me in, please.
spatt  +   979d ago
I will take a key please and thank you very much if selected!
peaceful82  +   979d ago
I can't wait to play this game!!!!!!
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