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Quizify Update!

Cat | 1113d ago
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Hey, guys! Wanted to let you know that we've chosen winning questions and packed them up to be included in the app Beta. I'll be getting in touch with the winners so we can dish up prizes.

Thanks to everyone for their questions, it was really fun reading through them. If we end up using any additional questions posted to the contest page you will be notified and also get a prize.

Edit: I also meant to mention that if your question wasn't quite what we were looking for, but it inspired a question, you are considered a winner and will be notified!

UPDATE: Due to a death in the family I'm suddenly out of the office, which will delay me contacting the winners with prize details. So here's a partial list of the victors to tide you over:

Derekvinyard13  +   1113d ago
Wait cat there's a n4g app? Or it's still in the works?
Cat  +   1110d ago
The app is Quizify - which will have it's own N4G quiz for the hardcore gamer.
coolbeans  +   1113d ago
Heh...I was actually going to ask about this in forums or PM. Can't wait!

Are the shirts the same material as the CS:GO/Wildstar shirts given out last year (100% cotton, pre-shrunk)? Those are quite comfortable. :)
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Cat  +   1113d ago
I honestly don't know - Sally in our Oslo office designed them and they were printed in Europe!
coolbeans  +   1113d ago
If Sally is on the job I won't worry. She knows my t-shirt preferences! :D
GreenRanger  +   1112d ago
Have the December Contest prizes been sent yet?
I think I might have missed the email.
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coolbeans  +   1112d ago
It typically comes through during the 3rd full week so I'd anticipate it coming very soon. I say you can worry about missing the email after the 28th-ish.

If you don't get one by that time, contact Cat and she'll get you situated. :)

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