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December Winners Update

Cat|1208d ago |Blog Post|8|

Hey guys! The family and I have been sick, which in addition to being not very fun at all has put me far enough behind that the winners won't be posted and contacted until tomorrow.

To make it up to you all, there will be some additional prizes (and winners)!

Happy New Year!

iamnsuperman1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Ah that sucks to hear. Hope you're feeling the picture by the way.

-Mezzo-1208d ago

Now worries at all, hope you all get well soon.

Happy New Year, Cheers.

Valenka1208d ago

Get well soon, Cat. I hope everyone is well.

WildArmed1207d ago

It's ok Cat, my prize can wait a few days :)

Hope you and the family feel better!

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