April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!


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November Winners!

Cat|2023d ago |Blog Post|23|

Congratulations, winners! You win at N4G and life.

Be sure to check out our Quizify contest to win an N4G tee:

LOYAL READER LOTTERY: 4 Winners - $50 Amazon Gift Card each!

COMMENT LOTTERY: 4 winners - a $50 Amazon Gift Card each!

BEST USER BLOG: Each wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

SeraphimBlade for his blog "Let's talk about Assassin's Creed 3's ending (SPOILERS, duh)"

Sephris for his blog "How Video Games Can Save Our Country"

ZombieNinjaPanda for his blog "'No Name' Reviewers: More Credible than "Big Name" Sites"

BEST USER REVIEW: Each wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Coolbeans for his RAGE review:

Valenka for his Hitman: Absolution review:

 Submit news and get a top News ranking in November and you can win up to $100!

The prizes are:
1st: -Mezzo- $100 Amazon Gift Card
2nd: PaPa-Slam $75 Amazon Gift Card
3rd: Lavalamp1138 $50 Amazon Gift Card
4th: Pozzle $25 Amazon Gift Card
5th: NYC_Gamer $25 Amazon Gift Card
6th: Valay $25 Amazon Gift Card
7th: Aclay $25 Amazon Gift Card
8th: mathsman $25 Amazon Gift Card
Some Terms and Conditions:
1. Competition is open to all N4G users, except for employees of HAVAmedia and immediate relatives. Contests are not limited to the US/NA.
2. Closing date is 11:59 PM EST 30th November 2012.
3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances N4G/HAVAmedia reserves the right to substitute the prizes for alternatives of equal or greater value.
4. Prizes are not transferrable.
5. The winners of the competition will be notified by N4G ticket on or before December 7, 2012.
6. Failure to reply to ticket notification within seven (7) days results in forfeiture of prize.

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Ducky2023d ago

Well hot diggity daffodil.
Congrats to all the other winners too.

-Mezzo-2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I won. o_0

And i turned out to be right, ZNP did win.

Congratulations Everyone.

Valenka2023d ago

Holy crap, I shared a win with coolbeans for the User Review contest! Hurray! Thanks you guys! This is going to help out so much with my Christmas shopping! Congratulations to the other winners as well! :D

Megaton2023d ago

That's why I wanted to win this one. Lighten the Xmas load.

Sephris2022d ago

Great job Val! I always love to read your stuff, and it's good to see you are rewarded for your excellence. :)

Valenka2022d ago

Aw thanks Sephris! That truly means a lot to me. I think I'm an okay writer, but I'm nowhere near as good as I'd like to be. I need a lot more practise to stop feeling like an amateur! :P Someday, I will be the next coolbeans haha!

SeraphimBlade2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I won AGAIN? It's starting to get a little silly. That was just me ranting, it seriously did not occur to me I would win anything for that one. Not that I'm not grateful! Thanks a bunch!

Cat2023d ago

We think you're a little silly, too.

NYC_Gamer2023d ago

Congrats to all the winners

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The story is too old to be commented.