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City of Steam Alpha Key Blitz [contest ended]

Cat | 954d ago
User blog

City of Steam is now ALPHA! To kick things off and put their dev team to the test we're giving out 500 keys in this blitz. If you want an N4Ger's perspective on the game, check out Sephris' blog:

1. PM me, Cat
2. You will get a PM back with your very own key


1. After getting your Alpha key, head to the City of Steam website here .

2. Register an account (or sign in if you already have one), copy/paste your Alpha Key, and click the register/sign-in button, then click on the ‘Play Now’ button and test out City of Steam’s Alpha release.

3. Enjoy!

The Alpha test will run on the weekend of August 17-19, starting on Friday at 19:00 PDT (22:00 EDT) and lasting until Monday at 00:00 PDT (03:00 EDT).

The Alpha weekend will be chock full of events and activities that will give players a chance to win cool swag and honorary titles. This is an Alpha version, so be sure to help out the developers by reporting bugs on the forum and getting into the strong community. City of Steam relies heavily on community-driven development which results from feedback from players like you!

If you would like to support the development further and get some cool swag, head to the Support Us section of the website.

Note: One account can only activate one Alpha key code.

Christopher  +   953d ago
Shoot... this is supposed to be the last weekend of the alpha, isn't it? Not sure I'll be able to make it. Luckily, already secured my beta key :)
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TopDudeMan  +   953d ago
Fun game looks fun... :D
LostDjinn  +   951d ago
I'd like to sell goods for profit!

What do you say Cat? Can you help a guy out?

Edit: DRYEAM! ;)
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Christopher  +   950d ago
I know it's the last day of the alpha, but even in the beta you'll find me by my name here and I usually put N4G in it just to increase the chances of people finding me.

Also, my characters aren't naked, they're breezy.
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