April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!


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July Contest Winners!

Cat|2085d ago |Blog Post|24|

Loyal Reader Lottery ($50 Amazon Gift Card/winner)
1. Psychotica
2. Vexo
3. coolbeans
4. kentblake

Comment Lottery ($50 Amazon Gift Card/winner)

1. SilentNegotiator
2. FriedGoat
3. VanillaBear
4. Jadedz

Best User Blog ($50 Amazon Gift Card/winner)
Our User Blog entries were a little different this month - most users were nominated for multiple blogs, so we had the top ten users vote on each nominee and their collective nominated blogs!

1. Sephris

2. HonestDragon

3. DragonKnight

(and an internet high five to runner-up Ranma1!)

Best User Review ($50 Amazon Gift Card/winner)

1. Nate-Dog

2. coolbeans

(and an internet high five to runner-up HonestDragon!)

Contributor Contest

1. Mezzo(3 games)
2. n4gboy(2 games)
3. pozzle(1 game)
Some Terms and Conditions:
Terms and Conditions
1. Competition is open to all N4G users, except for employees of HAVAmedia and immediate relatives. Contests are not limited to the US/NA.
2. Closing date is 11:59 PM EST 31th July 2012.
3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances N4G/HAVAmedia reserves the right to substitute the prizes for alternatives of equal or greater value.
4. Prizes are not transferrable.
5. The winners of the competition will be notified by N4G ticket on or before August 7, 2012.
6. Failure to reply to ticket notification within seven (7) days results in forfeiture of prize.

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Christopher2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

It was a hard month for both User Blogs and Reviews. Lots of competition. You guys are putting out some quality content here and I'm very appreciative that you are sharing with us.

And, a total Internet High Five to all of you.

FriedGoat2084d ago

I don't deserve this, But hey what an incentive to have an N4G membership!

Sephris2085d ago

What?!?! No awards for Emilio???? I demand a recount! ;)

Emilio_Estevez2085d ago

Me too! (not sure for what though)

Sephris2085d ago actor of course!

coolbeans2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

I'd like to thank both the users/mods that voted for my review and ver that placed me as a 'Loyal Reader' winner. XD

Congrats to all other winners as well. 0_o to all of the voted blogs. Great variety in those linked above.

Cat2085d ago

There's a bit of discussion in the mod forum as to whether or not you are made up of luck. :)

coolbeans2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Haha, happy to see I can cause discussion like that. XD

I'll have to borrow a fitting quote by Thomas Jefferson for my official stance on the term "luck," and me being made of it:

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

DragonKnight2085d ago

Wow, I can't believe my blogs were good enough to win. :) Thank you to everyone that voted for my blogs. I hope that I will be able to continue bringing blog content that will be enjoyable or informative for everyone to read, even if it does ruffle some feathers.

Thanks again.

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The story is too old to be commented.