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June Mystery Contest Winners

Cat | 936d ago
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For the month of June we wanted to reward some of the N4G faithful that go unrecognized. June is arguably one of the craziest months around here, and still they soldiered on, doing what they do best: managing the news (you know, that stuff that people comment on around here). Notably, they continued their efforts without any idea that this time they might be rewarded, since we kept the June contests a secret!

These users frequently report and approve more than they submit, working through the Pending news, noting submissions already approved, and not shying away from the tougher stories to figure out. They're the core of user-driven here on N4G, and their efforts help newer Contributors learn the ins and outs of submission like no FAQ can.


Each will receive a $250 Amazon gift card. Thanks a ton, guys!

(In case you're wondering (I bet some of you are), we do plan to have future secret contests...)

LostDjinn  +   936d ago
Congratulations guys (and Pozzle). I can't think of anyone more deserving. Oh screw it! Yes I can.

Cat where the hell are my prizes?!
I don't put in any effort and I don't do anything outstanding. I demand you recognize my awesome! It's been years of half-assed mediocracy and no result!
Emilio_Estevez  +   936d ago
OMG! Thanks so much. Reporting gets no recognition, only angry PM's and arguing; it is so nice to get something in return for it! I was about to give up, I now have a renewed interest.

GTAV pre-order incoming.
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SeekDev  +   936d ago
Tell me about the arguing, when does it end?
Cat  +   936d ago
Oh, it's mostly with me, so...never!!!!!

SeekDev  +   936d ago
Ne..ver? Not unless I win. Ya know, the argument.
coolbeans  +   936d ago
At long last...
The intentions behind the [-_-]~ emoticon have been revealed.

Well played, Cat.

*Ninja bow*
SeekDev  +   936d ago
I still don't understand that weird face thing. It creeps me out.
Christopher  +   933d ago
The squiggly line is supposed to be the end of the ninja headband.
Lavalamp  +   936d ago
I won!? I've never won anything like this before! Thank you so much!
-Mezzo-  +   936d ago
Congratulations guys, you'll deserved it.

Unlike me, i just jump in whenever there's a Contributors Contest.
NYC_Gamer  +   936d ago
Thanks so much :)
Captain Tuttle  +   936d ago
$250! Wow! Nicely done guys!
pandaboy  +   936d ago
hey Cat, where's my reward for bringing logic and reason to the n4g comments section? A $1000 Amazon gift card should be sufficient. Thank you in advance since the answer will of course be "yes, how silly and foolish of me to forget", followed by a sincere apology.
Cat  +   936d ago
yes, how silly and foolish of me to forget!

[sincere apology]


aDDicteD  +   935d ago
congrats winners! you deserved it ^_^
Christopher  +   935d ago
Congratulations and thanks for all your help!
Pozzle  +   934d ago
Yay! Thanks so much for this! Now I feel a bit less sad for spending so much time on N4G instead of being productive. :O

....Now I just need to make an Amazon account. :O
twedt   933d ago | Spam

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