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N4G and April Fools' Day

Cat|1880d ago |Blog Post|10|

When submitting to N4G on and around April Fools' Day, remember:

April Fools' jokes are not accepted submissions.

Do not submit April Fools' jokes to N4G, even if you think they're clever.

On very rare occasions there is a news story about a joke, not the joke itself, that is newsworthy. Use your best judgment.


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SilentNegotiator1880d ago

Then the "Xbox LIVE going free!" story definitely shouldn't be on the hottest news strip. That's not just a bad joke; that's cruel.

Speed-Racer1880d ago

Oh so Microsoft cancelling the next Xbox was a joke? Oh. My bad.

futurefrog1880d ago

Wait... So Ea, Activision and Ubisoft aren't merging?

TABSF1877d ago

In December 2004, a rival game corporation Electronic Arts purchased a 19.9% stake in the firm (Ubisoft)

TopDudeMan1879d ago

It's the same every year. A few always slip through the cracks.

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