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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

Closed Beta Key Giveaway: Path of Exile

Cat | 1458d ago
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MISS OUT ON A KEY? Visit and sign up for a chance!

(Normally I would reply to the latecomers with a consoling note, maybe a cheery illustration, but there are hundreds of you in my PM inbox...I'm snowed under! Sorry, we're out of keys. Here's a gif for you:
Don’t sugarcoat it, Valentine’s Day is about darkness - so we’re giving you the chance to enter the dark fantasy world of action RPG Path of Exile. Grinding Gear Games has given us 500 keys - ten times more than any other site - to get you into the Closed Beta.

You want in if you like...

- Diablo. It's that simple.
- A persistent online world capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of players
- A dark and gritty game world rendered from a fixed 3D perspective
- Battle dozens of foes across a variety of unique areas
- Randomly generated levels and items for extreme replayability
- Online ranking and ladders for every game mode
- Visceral combat with dozens of combinable skills
- Battle in PVP tournaments for worldwide recognition

I played the game at PAX Prime 2012 (and there may have been a moment of running for my life from a herd of shambling corpses), and now I want to hear what you think!

To get your closed beta key:
1. PM Cat
A beta key will be sent within 24 hours (worst case scenario, the internet catches on fire, I take a nap, that sort of thing ;) ) to your N4G PM inbox.*

2) Take your key over to where you can create an account and enter your CB key.

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WildArmed  +   1458d ago
yaay! Happy pink day~
KennedyMitchell   1457d ago | Spam
cutchabolzov  +   1458d ago | Funny
Quite an awesome surprise to an otherwise mundane day of crippling loneliness.
Christopher  +   1458d ago
Made a duelist and got him to level 4 last night. The passive skill trees can be a bit daunting to work your way through. Love that there's no money in the game, just bartering for items to help you improve/identify other items.
Adamalicious  +   1458d ago
Nice, thanks!
clearwateriris  +   1458d ago
<3 Catastrophe!
Unlimax  +   1458d ago
Yippee ki-yay :D !!
yess  +   1458d ago
Thank you very much :)
banjadude  +   1458d ago
The game is absolutely stunning! The lighting and sound effects are superb. It handles very well for a a "Diablo 2 clone".

The only thing I will have to get used to, is the viewing distance. Diablo 2, you could see outwards more; in this game, the game zooms a bit too close into the character.

I highly recommend RPG fanatics to give this game a try. It's VERY easy to set up and get into.

Edit: Thanks again Ms. Cat, for the beta key!
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xxmatrix1xx  +   1458d ago
Marillion  +   1458d ago
I have apply for one, let´s see if i'm lucky :D
WeedyOne  +   1458d ago
I really really want a key, sent you a PM. Have been signed up at the official site and have been awaiting a key since Sept, 19th 2011!!!
ExoQu  +   1458d ago
Amazing game from a new indie studio.
flagen  +   1458d ago
pm sent :)
skvimpa  +   1458d ago
Thank you so much!

Ive been waiting since august 2011 :)
LORDUNBAR  +   1458d ago
ahhha! there is a GOD , mind you a dark sinister blood spilling one!
R3DL1M3  +   1458d ago
i can't wait to try this game i have been waiting far to long for it I'm going crazy i have four other friends that got beta keys withing the first 3 days of signing up and now all they talk about is p.o.e it's driving me crazy :P
Joukka  +   1458d ago
Got mine, yay! Thanks alot!
frostelf  +   1458d ago
cant wait to try this game been looking at for awhile huge diablo fan looks like fun, but no beta key if i could get one i would very happy thank you
Poppler  +   1458d ago
It`s trully a miracle! Thank you very much!
fire-wolf83  +   1458d ago
thanks a lot! :-)
R3DL1M3  +   1458d ago
thanks sooo much you no idea how much this means to me
godzoox  +   1458d ago
jaytime104  +   1458d ago
pm sent i cant wait to be playing this game with my friends iv been trying to get a beta key for so long know ty for this opertunity im off to work know
theeg  +   1458d ago
ohhhhh i hope i get in so bad.....i have been on top of this game since august trying to get in, please let it be so :)
halfwize  +   1458d ago
H1jacker  +   1458d ago
really want to get a key for this great game. Thank you for this opportunity!
leios  +   1458d ago
Wow so there is a god?! ;)

Haven't played a hack 'n slash since d2
let's hope that i am one of the lucky few :)
idolater  +   1458d ago | Funny
Hey thanks for the key this game rocks.Played few hours its much better than i expected.Animations are great and everything works well.My only concern was skill tree looking like a star map complicated but its simple so far.To show my appreciation i named my ranger char. Cathlin :)
Cat  +   1458d ago
Ha! Bonus key for everyone that names a char for me? Nah, I better not... :P
WeedyOne  +   1458d ago
Yeah 1st time i saw that skill tree i was like "holy freaking crap its huge!"
Gaurdios  +   1458d ago
Thank you very much for beta key,it is highly appreciated!
Mikfail  +   1458d ago
my new favorite site rite here!!!
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