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Closed Beta Key Giveaway: Path of Exile

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MISS OUT ON A KEY? Visit and sign up for a chance!

(Normally I would reply to the latecomers with a consoling note, maybe a cheery illustration, but there are hundreds of you in my PM inbox...I'm snowed under! Sorry, we're out of keys. Here's a gif for you:
Don’t sugarcoat it, Valentine’s Day is about darkness - so we’re giving you the chance to enter the dark fantasy world of action RPG Path of Exile. Grinding Gear Games has given us 500 keys - ten times more than any other site - to get you into the Closed Beta.

You want in if you like...

- Diablo. It's that simple.
- A persistent online world capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of players
- A dark and gritty game world rendered from a fixed 3D perspective
- Battle dozens of foes across a variety of unique areas
- Randomly generated levels and items for extreme replayability
- Online ranking and ladders for every game mode
- Visceral combat with dozens of combinable skills
- Battle in PVP tournaments for worldwide recognition

I played the game at PAX Prime 2012 (and there may have been a moment of running for my life from a herd of shambling corpses), and now I want to hear what you think!

To get your closed beta key:
1. PM Cat
A beta key will be sent within 24 hours (worst case scenario, the internet catches on fire, I take a nap, that sort of thing ;) ) to your N4G PM inbox.*

2) Take your key over to where you can create an account and enter your CB key.

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2291d ago
cutchabolzov2292d ago

Quite an awesome surprise to an otherwise mundane day of crippling loneliness.

Christopher2292d ago

Made a duelist and got him to level 4 last night. The passive skill trees can be a bit daunting to work your way through. Love that there's no money in the game, just bartering for items to help you improve/identify other items.

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The story is too old to be commented.