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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

January Contest Winners

Cat | 1392d ago
User blog

Congratulations, you winners!

pandehz - $100 Amazon Gift Card
will_c_75 - $100 Amazon Gift Card
Erudito87 - $100 Amazon Gift Card

Sephris, The Gaming Industry Wants To Drive You Mad!
$100 Amazon Gift Card

Yoshihiro, The Binding of Isaac
$100 Amazon Gift Card

1st: -Mezzo- - 3 Games of Choice (standard edition)
2nd: n4gboy - 2 Games of Choice (standard edition)
3rd: ssb3173 - 1 Game of Choice (standard edition)

Baby New Year:
SaffronCurse - $60 Amazon Gift Card!

Old Man Time:
Kevers - $60 Amazon Gift Card!

Some Terms and Conditions:
Terms and Conditions
1. Competition is open to all N4G users, except for employees of HAVAmedia and immediate relatives. Contests are not limited to the US/NA.
2. Closing date is 11:59 PM EST 31st January 2012.
3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances N4G/HAVAmedia reserves the right to substitute the prizes for alternatives of equal or greater value.
4. Prizes are not transferrable.
5. The winners of the competition will be notified by N4G ticket on or before February 7, 2012.
6. Failure to reply to ticket notification within seven (7) days results in forfeiture of prize.

February Contest Details:

-Mezzo-  +   1392d ago
Damn, the people i voted for in "Blog Contest" & "User Review Contest" didn't win.


And, I Won.
Christopher  +   1392d ago
I was really surprised at your win, Mezzo. :P
Jio  +   1390d ago
lol, how many games now have you won??
Megaton  +   1392d ago
I'm just glad that "365 days of spamming" character didn't win blog.
coolbeans  +   1392d ago
I've almost always approved the blogs but never imagined his/her intentions were to spam the blog with traffic. They may be short, but I respect the notion of a gamer covering their gaming experiences for the whole year.
Christopher  +   1392d ago
Valenka's blog posts are different and more in line with a system that allows a personal blog environment to be shared with friends. I agree it can be a bit annoying with the current set up on blogs and the limit of three being shown on the home page. Hopefully, N4G's blog will change to allow for a multitude of blogging uses, including Valenka's short blog posts, without jeopardizing what gets shown on the home page each day. But, it's not as if Valenka isn't trying to keep up with a different way of presenting his/her gaming life and experiences.
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coolbeans  +   1392d ago
Was a matter of time until the streak ended. I extend my hand to Yoshidiro's superfluous amount of quality user reviews for the month of January. I advise any posters that are interested to click on Yosh's character profile to view all of his other ones in case you missed them.

Hope you guys enjoy what I have in store for Feb.-which will be more than Jan. now that I'm used to the school cycle :).
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Christopher  +   1392d ago
Your KotoR 2 review did make the semi-finals, though, and was as well written as your KotoR review. Thank you for submitting it.
coolbeans  +   1392d ago
No problem. Glad to hear posters enjoyed it :).
Yoshihiro  +   1389d ago
Some really damn kind words there. Thank you :)
Nineball2112  +   1392d ago
Congratulations to all of the winners of the January contests!

Good job everyone...
saimcheeda  +   1392d ago
Man I never win anything
QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1389d ago
I won some Matthew Sweet tickets about 15 years ago. Haven't won anything before or since.
What makes it really sad is I wasn't able to attend the concert.
saimcheeda  +   1388d ago
Funnily enough
My sister won tickets for a James Blunt concert on Feb 15 the day this blog was created!
Erudito87  +   1392d ago
This is soooo awesome :) thx n4g!
C_Menz  +   1392d ago
Thought I had a chance at the user blog for this month, but the one that did win was written pretty well.
Cat  +   1391d ago
Yours ( ) was among the finalists!
C_Menz  +   1391d ago
Oh sweet. That's nice to know. I have a few topics I'll end up writing about once I get back in the states.
UnSelf  +   1391d ago
there was a lot of really good blogs last month. i dont know why i even submitted one :/
SaffronCurse  +   1392d ago
Love you n4g! <3
Convas  +   1391d ago
How'd the newb win?! ARGGGG.
Christopher  +   1391d ago | Helpful
There were two forum contests. One for old timers and one for new timers. Same thing in February.

Edit: Kevers won January's Old Timers forum contest.
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pandehz  +   1392d ago
Wow I won.

Dam this is a genuine surprise. I never knew something like this existed. Just been an avid reader thats all.

Thanks N4G :)
aDDicteD  +   1392d ago
congratulations January winners ^_^
Joule  +   1392d ago
I knew it was only a matter of time before they took out the forum prizes.
Christopher  +   1392d ago
Forum prizes aren't gone. Two won for the month of January and there's a chance for two people to win in February.
pandehz  +   1391d ago
Holy crap lend me some bubbles.
TheDareDevil  +   1391d ago
What he's trying to say is that the regulars don't stand a chance of winning
Christopher  +   1391d ago
@TheDareDevil: Why not? There's one for new people and one for old timers. Kevers won for January, and he's an old timer.
Cat  +   1391d ago
Well that can't be true, DareDevil, since KEVERS won in January - and he's been a member 3 yrs longer than you!
TheDareDevil  +   1390d ago
But I thought that the old timer award was for people who had not posted for a long time?

If not then my bad
Christopher  +   1390d ago
Nah, it's for all old timers, whether they've posted recently or not. Kind of a way of encouraging some who may not been on the forums for a while to come back and talk to the asylum crewwww.... I mean other forum members.
Yoshihiro  +   1391d ago
Hey wow. I'm late to the party here! Congratulations winners and many thanks y'all *flattered*
Rage_S90  +   1391d ago
Cat how would you feel about receiving a box of cookies and a box of chocolates. Would said cookie have any bearing on the forum lottery? Also how do you feel about pie? Just putting it out there.
KEVERS  +   1390d ago
Yay....I'm old....
Christopher  +   1390d ago
And stinky. We've been meaning to tell you...
KEVERS  +   1390d ago
Old people can't control that!
Hufandpuf  +   1389d ago
Leave my gramps alone!
KayKhemaniw   1385d ago | Spam
bestecho  +   1363d ago
Congrats to all the winners & the participants. kudos! I also know of another contest which is currently going on & there are some cool prizes on offer. Well I'll not reveal the prize :) ..For Gaming contest visit
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