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PixelJunk Monsters Online Launches on FaceBook

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Christmas has come early - PixelJunk Monsters Online is now officially on FaceBook!

An avowed PixelJunkie, I couldn't be more excited to bring these tidings of joy: Q-Games, Ltd. has today, December 16, officially launched the open beta version of PixelJunkMonsters Online. As I've been playing in the closed beta for a number of weeks now I can say with certainty that this is awesome news!

Have a FaceBook account? You're in!

Those familiar with the PSN PixelJunk Monsters game will find many recognizable elements, but with far more competition and creativity. Levels are shorter, increasing replay and runs at high scores; you can plant trees for tower construction with a new Seed feature, making discerning the "best" way to solve a level a challenge in itself, and - for the truly stumped - you can spend a few rainbows to sneak a peak at a friend's higher scoring solution to a level (If the word "rainbow" doesn't send a thrill of pleasure down your mouse arm, that's only because you haven't played yet)!

Tower Defense at its core, the online version has a new world map broken up into levels where you defend the homes of the TikiMen against waves of monsters by building and leveling towers and collecting gold and gems. As you successfully defend a tile your playable territory expands opening up new levels as well as tiles with special secrets all their own.

You compete against your friends for gold, silver and bronze crowns not just for high score glory, but for the daily in-game gold bonus the ranking system dishes out. The in-game shop accepts this gold currency, and there is the option to exchange your real-life currency if you want to boost your in-game stockpile. Truth be told, throughout my Beta play I haven't found the need to belly up to that cash register, which definitely eases the sting of (gasp!) *playing a FaceBook game*!

The surefire cure for FaceBook fear? PJM Online looks even better than on the PS3 and has all the shrewdness of a Q-Games product.

Some islands have a winter wonderland


A cleared stage - with rainbow! - and see who among your friends wears the gold crown.

Clearing territory to reach docks opens up new islands


Thinning the herd

Level clear

TikiMan, the brave defender!

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Sidology2320d ago

TikiMan has a mega frown.

Megaton2319d ago

Interesting. I did love PJM/Eden on PS3. I'll probably be checking this out.

Ayxicle2302d ago

I don't own this game yet , is it worth getting?