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Playing Games, Healing Kids, Winning Swag

Cat|2017d ago |Blog Post|8|

Big thanks to everyone that joined the N4G staff in gaming for kids this past weekend!! Whether you played, donated - or both - it was record-breaking!

As part of the Extra Life gaming marathon, our N4G team raised over $1500 for children's hospitals, and were part of breaking that ticker as Extra Life 2011 passed the 1 million mark! That's kinda huge.

Congratulations to our swag grab bag winner...Kyle Gaddo, a.k.a. Sidology! I'll be bugging you soon for preferred shipping address, etc.!

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Christopher2017d ago

Congrats Kyle and hope everyone had fun gaming their hearts out. Personally, I think it ended up being more than I expected when I found myself DMing for 24 hours over the weekend.

Cat2016d ago

Yeah, you're kind of a hero to me now... Next yr, livestream? :D

Sidology2016d ago

Next year, we are livestreaming ALL of the games.

news4geeks2015d ago

which games did you play, Cat?

Cat2015d ago

I did the Sly Collection, Shadow of the Colossus, and some Civ V!

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