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Play Games, Win Swag

Cat | 1046d ago
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Er, and heal kids!

At the end of this week N4Gers and beyond are going to be playing games to benefit their local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

...and you have two ways to win a ton of swag!

1) Join the N4G team to play games and pick up a few sponsors of your own

2) Donate $24 or more to any member of the team

Criminal  +   1046d ago
Hi Cat,

I was just wondering if we can donate less than $24 to the N4G team? I know we wouldn't qualify for the swag this way.

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Cat  +   1046d ago
Of course! Imagine if every N4Ger gave $1?!?!? It would be huge.
TheOnlyMastrx  +   1046d ago
I joined, been putting it out on my Facebook and ask people to donate, but no sponsors yet ): hopefully will get at least one person before its over
WildArmed  +   1046d ago
Let's hope more people join!
(or donate!)

I'll be doing both come this Friday.
(well I already joined, but now to donate some monies coz no1 wants to sponsor me lol)
cgoodno  +   1046d ago
I'll be starting on Friday night and Saturday morning with some PS3 video gaming, following up more on Saturday with some face-to-face D&D gaming, and into Sunday with more PS3 video gaming.
Cat  +   1046d ago
I think I'm going to start by tackling my Pile of Shame - inFAMOUS 2 still hasn't been played!
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