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Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge: $10,000 in prizing

Cat | 1605d ago
User blog

Pairing nicely with the Gears 3 fever around here, 360Voice is hosting a Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge kicking off September 20th and running through October 20, 2011.

Players unlocking achievements and recruiting friends to the cause are scoring points toward their Brotherhood's total score - and the top two Brotherhoods get prizes. More of a persuasive type? The top three Recruiters also win big.

If the N4G Brotherhood ( ) led by our own Eiffel finishes in the top two we're adding to the prize pool: The top five scorers in the N4G Brotherhood get a Gears of War 3 controller and all surviving Cogs get a brand spanking newly designed N4G t-shirt.


Image Credit: Eiffel

thebudgetgamer  +   1605d ago
i'm in.
Systematrix  +   1604d ago
Great idea! Joining now.
ISKREEM  +   1604d ago
I'm down, but it's highly unlikely that i'll be able to obtain the Seriously 3.0 achievement.
generalthadeape  +   1604d ago
I'm in-- lucky number 13, I guess.

We need more people to join in order to make this worthwhile.

It's time to stand up to support this game & your fellow Xbox 360 owners on this website.

Isn't that much better than all the bickering back & forth that goes on around here?

Now, get off your asses & sign up-- there's really no excuse NOT to!!!
goku  +   1603d ago
i'm in :)
Megaton  +   1603d ago
Alright, I joined. Might have 2 other friends joining up as well. We'll see.
countdarcia  +   1603d ago
Well you convinced me, you're halfway to your goal of two.
Saalik  +   1601d ago
May be dear i join
Ninjeska  +   1599d ago
I've joined, but I don't quite get how it works :S
It says max 40 CoGs, but it looks like there's more? So how do you get people to join?
And what are you supposed to do; just earn achievements and refer people?
Eiffel  +   1599d ago
Just earn Gears 3 achievements, I also cleaned the member list up a bit. More spaces open.
Ninjeska  +   1599d ago
Yeah I got kicked out D:
My scores at 0 because I'm still waiting on my 360 voice account to clock over.
Eiffel  +   1599d ago
Odd, try rejoining, your account updates so you won't have to wait as long when it refreshes.
goku  +   1599d ago
ya same i just got kicked out to and i have achievements for gears of war 3.
goku  +   1596d ago
i earned the achievements while not connected to xbox live then i connected a few minutes after i stopped playing, why are my points still at 0?
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Eiffel  +   1596d ago
I don't know, may want to contact the site about that. I checked your profile, you have over 200 gamerscore on the game.
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goku  +   1599d ago
ya same i just got kicked out and i have about 30 achievements in the game, but its at 0 :S
Systematrix  +   1599d ago
I was kicked off but I joined again. I finally get to start playing tonight. Keep me on the team and I'll be one of the top scorers in no time.
CRAGE187  +   1597d ago
Awesome,1 lucky person will win and finally be able to afford all their dlc.
The Matrix  +   1596d ago
They want me to input my gamertag and password...that sounds risky.
goku  +   1596d ago
its not the password for your xbox live profile its for the website
JellyJelly  +   1595d ago
PM me when you have a Horde mode competition and I'll 'make it rain' ;)
newhumanbreed  +   1593d ago
Aww it's full :(
newhumanbreed  +   1593d ago
I have 500 GS for Gears 3 and have enough time to play everyday. Just in case you want to let me in lol.

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