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Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge: $10,000 in prizing

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Pairing nicely with the Gears 3 fever around here, 360Voice is hosting a Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge kicking off September 20th and running through October 20, 2011.

Players unlocking achievements and recruiting friends to the cause are scoring points toward their Brotherhood's total score - and the top two Brotherhoods get prizes. More of a persuasive type? The top three Recruiters also win big.

If the N4G Brotherhood ( ) led by our own Eiffel finishes in the top two we're adding to the prize pool: The top five scorers in the N4G Brotherhood get a Gears of War 3 controller and all surviving Cogs get a brand spanking newly designed N4G t-shirt.


Image Credit: Eiffel

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ISKREEM2409d ago

I'm down, but it's highly unlikely that i'll be able to obtain the Seriously 3.0 achievement.

generalthadeape2409d ago

I'm in-- lucky number 13, I guess.

We need more people to join in order to make this worthwhile.

It's time to stand up to support this game & your fellow Xbox 360 owners on this website.

Isn't that much better than all the bickering back & forth that goes on around here?

Now, get off your asses & sign up-- there's really no excuse NOT to!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.