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August Contest Winners!

Cat|1729d ago |Blog Post|36|

As promised, here are our winners from the August contests! If you're curious about what's on offer for September, just clickity click:



Each of you receive $100 Amazon Gift Cards!

Congratulations christheredhead!
Prize: Gamefly 12-month subscription (1 game out at a time)

1st: -Mezzo-3 Games of Choice (standard edition)
2nd: SpaceSquirrel 2 Games of Choice (standard edition)
3rd: Valay 1 Game of Choice (standard edition)



You each receive $60 Amazon gift cards!

(all winners will hear from me soon!)

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-Mezzo-1729d ago

Hey!!! WT- why didn't i win the Loyal Reader Lottery. even though i have the highest Daily login in points than anyone here on N4G.

Cat1729d ago

You were entered, you did not win!

As posted in each month's contest details:

"*Just a note: I'm sorry the Daily Visit score isn't more 'every day' instead of its current 'every 24h1m', but that is just the front end tracking for you guys and when we run the lotto we pull from a more accurate list. So for those of you visiting every day diligently but not triggering the Daily Visit score reward, don't stress about it!"

-Mezzo-1729d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

(edited at user request)

Congrats everyone. =]

Cat1729d ago

Please don't spread misinformation :)

It means that the Daily Visit score logs 24hr visit to 24hr visit, while we pull the lottery winners from those users that have visited the site at least once each calendar day.

-Alpha1728d ago

Dude you always get 3 free games, take it and run!

Legion1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

You should actually be stripped of any winnings due to poor submission editing. (just one is all it takes)

I had thought there was a way to rate someones submissions but I don't see that option anywhere. They need to bring that back.

Example of no editing and still getting approval:

SpaceSquirrel1729d ago

Congrats to all the winners =]

christheredhead1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

i won best user blog? no way. wow. that's awesome. i didn't even realize there was a contest till now haha.

thanks to anyone who takes the time to read my posts. its always appreciated.

congratulations to all winners. contests like these are a great way to keep content flowing.

QuodEratDemonstrandm1728d ago

I just read your winning blog. Very well written, you obviously put a lot of thought into it.

Have fun with that Gamefly subscription. You earned it. :)

Now I want to win something.

christheredhead1727d ago

thanks! glad you thought so.

aim for septembers contest. there are a ton of various spots to win something.

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The story is too old to be commented.