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Rusty Hearts Beta Keys and Phase 2

Cat|2079d ago |Blog Post|3|

Just a heads up from PWE for those of you in the Beta, the Rusty Hearts server will go offline today, August 17 at 3pm PT/5pm CT until August 24 to make preparations for Phase 2 of closed Beta testing. They’ll be making some changes and adding some content based on the feedback thus far.

If you’re not in the Beta yet, but want to be, we still have some keys – just contact me here: . Even if you redeem during the offline period you will be in the Beta – and will receive an email about Phase 2 like the rest of your Beta testing comrades!

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Christopher2079d ago

Lots of minor bugs in the first phase, some imbalances in general gameplay, but it's an okay Beta. I'll be in on the second phase, but not sure what to expect overall that will sell me further on the game. They are very responsive to customer feedback, though.

news4geeks2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

I think you have a crush on Cat, cgoodno :p Me too :3

Christopher2079d ago


*walks away quickly*