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June Contest Winners

Cat|2390d ago |Blog Post|15|

Woooooo!! I am very excited to announce the winners of our June Contests!


Each of the four winners receive their choice of either the inFamous 2 Hero Edition or the Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition, or an Amazon gift card.


There were a number of really great blogs this month, from hardcore gaming to analog sticks, friend codes to piracy, but in the end there could be only one winner - and it was unanimous:

SeraphimBlade - Some Criticism for L.A. Noire
Prize: Gamefly 12-month subscription (1 game out at a time)


1st: 3 Games of Choice (standard edition) -Mezzo-

2nd: 2 Games of Choice (standard edition) SpaceSquirrel

Receiving their choice of a $20 PSN card or 1600 Xbox Live Points Card:


...and because they've earned it, congratulations again to our E3 Predictions Contest Winners, Skynidas and LordMarius!

Look for the details on our July Contests later today!

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thebudgetgamer2390d ago

happy face.

thanks cat and n4g.

Odion2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I expect my.... "Thank you" in my bank account soon since I was the one who "randomly" chose your name.

thebudgetgamer2389d ago

i understand.

(akward wink)

Shanks2390d ago

Wow thank you so much!

AlienLion2390d ago

Congrats dudes. Good stuff

Christopher2390d ago

I thought we had a deal, CAT? I'd win one contest a month and I wouldn't then post my My Little Pony/Metal Gear Solid cross-over fanfic on the forums or in a blog.

*preps his latest fanfic*

P.S. Congrats to all the winners!

Cat2390d ago

You're like a cotton-poly blend of evil and darkness.

Christopher2390d ago

My Little Angel of Death says don't tempt me:

And, yes, that is real. Someone took the time to make that plus a lot of other "pop culture" My Little Ponies.

MidnytRain2390d ago


Egad! That's some scary stuff. Stop showing people that, lol.

SeraphimBlade2390d ago

Damn, that's... wow, thanks. I got the ticket saying I had one and figured I was just drawn out of a hat or something. Glad sharing my opinions actually got me something. Guess I should start writing blogs more regularly!

-Mezzo-2390d ago

Congratulations Dude, As a top Contributor i was asked to send in my Top 3 choices, and i chose your Blog as #1.

Enjoy your rentals. =]

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