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N4G E3 Predictions Contest Winners

Cat|2537d ago |Blog Post|3|

Congratulations to our E3 Predictions Contest Winners! With your powers of foresight, we look forward to the day when you are analysts getting flamed on our front page!

Skynidas won both Sony and Nintendo earning his choice of 2 of the following: a $20 PSN card or 1600 Xbox Live Points Card! Additionally, Skynidas was awarded the custom forum title "E3 Oracle"!

LordMarius, with his new title of "Microsoft Mind Reader" won his choice of a a $20 PSN card or 1600 Xbox Live Points Card!

Boys, I'll be in touch.

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Christopher2537d ago

First in line for analyst flaming!

P.S. Congrats to Skynida and LordMarius! Feel free to send me this week's lotto numbers via PM!

Joule2537d ago

Whats this I don't even....... My MS predictions were almost perfect. >:|

WildArmed2526d ago

Lol. See, N4G has better versions of Micheal Patcher.