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April Contest Winners

Cat|2334d ago |Blog Post|30|

Here's the proof, it wasn't an elaborate April Fools joke! Congratulations to the winners, and you can read about our May contests here:

Congratulations to the winner of the April LOYAL READER LOTTERY:
Winner: Persistantthug (which, btw, I always read as "persistent hug" :D )
Prize: Nintendo 3DS

Congratulations to the winner of the April FORUM LOTTERY:
Winner: jmare
Prize: A 1-year subscription to GameFly! (2 games out at a time - subscription valued at over $200)

Congratulations to the winners of the April CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST:
The prizes are:
1st. mezzo, $250
2nd. skynidas, $150
3rd. Aclay, $50
4th. n4gboy, $50
5th. BIoodmask, $50

You'll all hear from me soon (unless you provide your PayPal info in your profile) so we can get you your prizes!

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thebudgetgamer2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )


congrats winners.

Persistantthug2334d ago

I have to ask cause I never win anything.

-Alpha2334d ago

Congratulations, persistant hug!

Christopher2334d ago

Cat, you have officially given Persistant Hug a new name ;)

And, no, P-hug, there is no joke about you winning a 3DS :)

lex-10202334d ago

No it's not a Joke. I won the first contest where they gave away a PS MOVE. I had the same reaction. It is totally legit.

Cat2334d ago

haha, lex may well have to be our skeptics spokesman! He was the first winner when we switched from cash-only prizes to physical prizes, and I felt so bad - I don't think he was sure he really won til the Move arrived!! :D

artsaber2334d ago

Especially PersistantGroupHugs! We love you man... "sniff-sniff". Ok, sorry, got carried away.

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Christopher2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Woo! Congrats to Persistant Huggy Bear and others!

jmare2334d ago

Yea, I won something. I feel better now.

BiggCMan2334d ago

Yea man, a 1 year sub to Gamefly with the 2 out at a time deal. Thats pretty kick ass, enjoy it man. I have been a member for over 2 years now, and I now realize why BlockBuster went out of business haha. Gamefly is great.

WildArmed2334d ago

Damn, all that hate finally paid off eh? Eh? EH?

jmare2334d ago

Yeah, I know. I've had Gamefly for a while. It's cool that I won, I just was hoping for something I didn't already have. For example, that 3DS would have been nice. Oh well, looks like I won't have to pay for Gamefly for a while.

Christopher2334d ago

With the money you save on not having to pay for GameFly, you could use it instead to buy a 3DS ;)

-MD-2334d ago

But then there would be nothing to complain about!

Odion2334d ago

well next time your name is randomly spit out, I will throw it away.


jmare2334d ago

Who's crying? I obviously wasn't clear. I was just trying to say that it would have been nice to win the 3DS since I already have a subscription to Gamefly.

Besides, I already worked it out with Cat.

Odion2334d ago

I was crying at your heartless comment

Christopher2334d ago

In Odion's defense, he cries a lot as it is :p

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