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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

Gears of War 3 Beta Codes

Cat | 1762d ago
User blog

Want into the Gears 3 Beta? Of course you do! Here's how N4G can make it happen for you:

- Comment on this blog post with your avatar set to the Gears 3 character of your choice (want to check out the options? )

- Tell us exactly why you need into the Beta. (This doesn't improve your chances with the random number generator, but it does make your entry more interesting)

Contest ends and winners will be drawn at Noon PST on Wednesday April 20, 2011. Codes will be sent to winners via N4G PM.

Questions? Contact Cat:

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RockmanII7  +   1762d ago
I deserve the beta key because I was first post.
Active Reload  +   1761d ago
I deserve the beta key because I have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and everytime I watch Gears 3 videos I go half salute. My doctor and I have come to the conclusion that if I'm able to play the game and not just watch, I'm sure to be a full on salute.

Joking, I don't need the code. I was trying to have the best comment. I do believe whoever quotes me should get the code because I've read all the comments and no one can top me, lol.
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pixelsword  +   1761d ago
I need this beta so I can sell it for GeoHotz defense fund.

caperjim  +   1761d ago
I deserve the beta because Gears 1 and 2 were first day purchases for me but im unsure for this one. I would like to play the beta to confirm that it is improved over the others.
Therealspy03  +   1761d ago
so go put 5 dollars down at gamestop. you don't like it, move the 5 dollars to something else later.
the_best_player  +   1761d ago
Unreal 3 3rd person
MicrocutsX2  +   1762d ago
I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite site on the citadel. That's why i should have the beta key.
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dmvibrant  +   1762d ago
Just want to play it before my friends :D
CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1762d ago
Baird is fly like a ....bird
that is the best thing i can contribute with
EDIT:i see that out of the replies,im the only one with a baird pic

Baird is THE SHIT,this is a disgrace
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Shanks  +   1762d ago
5 is the magic number.
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kyle5575  +   1762d ago
Would like one please.Been checking NFG/Twitter/Facebook/and other site to try to get one. I actually run a program with BBBS to play video games with inner city high school students and I know atleast two of them are huge Gears fans. Would be greatly appreciated!!
SaintNoIr  +   1762d ago
I really want to test out the changes. And I NEED to unlock the game items from the beta.
Sidology  +   1762d ago
I sure hope Cynthia is in Gears of War 3.

Also, I need to get into the Gears beta because you are probably playing and we barely have any PS3 games in common (though, Cat, we do need to get our Fat Princess on).
enkeixpress  +   1762d ago
I would really like to play it because, I want to see just how much Epic Games have improved upon GoW 2 in terms of graphics, story & gameplay.
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FinalSpartan  +   1762d ago
I am a Gears Of War fan playing both titles and anticipating the new release. Gears Of War 3 will be huge and exciting. It would be a delight to participate in the upcoming beta to get an eager taste of Gears Of War 3 early.

Having confusion over this beta, Thinking it would be available for all Gold Members on April 25th to download and play, this information was wrong, and now it seems only for those who have an code or purchased Bulletstorm and pre-order Gears Of War 3.

With the satisfying and brutal visuals, sound and kills with a heavy dose of mature violence that is not recommended for the under-aged pubescent youth ( even thought they still play it ) is it a sure fire contender of game of the year. I wonder how the campaign will wrap up in this epic finale and hope it doesn't dissapoint.

Even though i have two bubbles and troll alot around these sectors, I believe I should receive a Beta code in order to participate in this historical event.


*It's funny how so many people got the same pic haha i had a Master Chief picture before!
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woolley  +   1762d ago
I want in so I can play some Gears.
TukkerIntensity  +   1762d ago
I haven't played my 360 in months - Gears 3 is bringing me back - please and thank you :)
joe182  +   1762d ago
I want a code because.. well, because I'm just awesome.
osu22duke  +   1762d ago
ill take one! its definitely a day one purchase for me
Les-Grossman  +   1762d ago
I love the Gears franchise & I would love to try it out & help shape up the multiplayer. That is as simple as that
Laland  +   1762d ago
I've got several friends that are playing right now, and i REALLY want to join in on the fun!
Johnny Jiron  +   1762d ago
Not entirely for me, but my gears obsessed girlfriends needs a code. I have the pre order code which I may give to her, but if I have another then no such trade will have to be made.
matt4107   1762d ago | Off topic | show
tonynguyen06  +   1762d ago
If Marcus & Dom had a child together it would be me. MEEEEE!!!!!! I want to go in the beta & defeat the Locust! Save the world!!!
shadowz101  +   1762d ago
I hope I win because I want to kill some locust over my spring break :]
ps3bestever  +   1762d ago
i want beta code, pleaseeeeeeeeeee :(
liljet07  +   1762d ago
Hook a brotha up!!!
young juice  +   1762d ago
i need the code cause my best friends birthday is coming up. and i dont have a job :)
DaveOnFire  +   1762d ago
I need the Gears 3 beta because I look real nooby playing Gears 2 at the moment. That and I've spent nearly all week staring at twitter trying to get hold of a code but have failed miserably!
Link669  +   1762d ago
If I get the beta code I want to play with my wife loves gears she is a big fan I wound like to suprise her with thanks if a do
brotherd  +   1762d ago
Love the first two, wanna get ahead by playing possibly the game of year. Gears of War 3 - F'n EH!
TheDareDevil  +   1762d ago
i wanna experience the Gears Of War multiplayer!!!
Dazel  +   1762d ago
Because I will just curl up in a ball and die if I. don't play this game.........
Bonuscore  +   1762d ago
Previous Gears of War games was my favorite games ever (except Fallout 2 :p) and IMHO on of the best ever made. I am a big fan of GeoW universe and of course i want to play beta not only to receive a gaming experience, but also to help developers to make this game better.
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ecstaticpunk  +   1762d ago
The reason I believe I should get a key is when the original game was released I was suffering from TB, the game gave me the extra energy and enthusiasm to stay strong and carry on recovering I could say the game was a bit of a life saver and helped changed my life around.
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