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GDC: Uncharted 3 Eyes-On

Cat|2594d ago |Blog Post|9|

I'm back and the embargo has (in internet time) long since lifted, but you still can't hear enough about Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, can you?

Debuting its third dimension at GDC it was striking to see how well-suited the environments (and theatrics) characteristic of the Uncharted series are for 3D. Using a scene from a previously shown area in which Drake and Sully battle through a burning building, the beauty of the series carries very well. Before all fiery hell breaks loose, there's a brief moment to appreciate those subtle climbing cues, the battered architectural playground laid out in a new dimension. Then, with wallpaper curling around you, embers dancing in the air, and smoke thickening the space that oft-spoken of immersion becomes reality. If you're into 3D then Drake's Fortune looks to be one entirely convincing spectacle.

I still struggle with the necessary evil of what we call 3D, the relatively shallow depth of field. With your focus largely pre-determined I catch myself straining to observe the bird in the lower right, or something else deliberately left out of focus. This was less of an issue in Uncharted 3's gameplay than I've seen elsewhere, since their focus isn't on having bullets rushing out the screen at your face, but on the environments as a whole. The fire looks realistic, the details are beautiful, and the structure collapse has the intensity to rival the train-climb from Uncharted 2. I'm still not a 3D believer, but I wouldn't be surprised if the game won over fans, and those already excited about 3D gaming? You will be very happy campers, indeed.

Revealing the primary villain for the first time, the Naughty Dog team emphasized the sheer bossy-ness of this boss: Katherine Marlowe. The British B is all-woman - she fights with more than just firepower, and using women's tricks like manipulation are so definitely not beneath her. Employing psychological warfare and commanding minions far more skilled and battle-ready than those previously seen in the franchise, the opposition will be insidiously cunning and brutal. Part of a secret society dating back to Queen Elizabeth's reign, they have a long history of combat training with methods shared over centuries. No, these guys won't be going for the obvious kill.

The cutscene showed off more than diabolical potential and was downright titillating for all you story lovers. First impressions (British and old) and associated stereotypes (polite and fragile) are dashed when Marlowe immediately proves herself decidedly rude and more than up for a fight - so long as she has her highly trained secret society guys on hand. We're all more than familiar with a grizzled angry guy with a big gun, and since there's something extra scary in the unknown, aristocratic elderly female antagonist Marlowe is capable of striking fear in our treasure-hunting hearts.

Sharp-tongued and ill-intentioned, Marlowe's scene with Drake and Sully in the alley makes you reconsider any qualms you had about punching old ladies in the face. Stealing a man's ancient family jewelry after your platoon of muscle beats him down? Not classy. Without Katherine in the thick of battle, it will be hard to deliver aforementioned punch to the face, but she can't always orchestrate things to her liking from a safe distance, can she?

Awkward Reunion

Stealing a man's ancient family jewelry after your platoon of muscle beats him down? Not classy.

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-Alpha2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Man he looks nice in a tux :P

Why is he in one anyway? Is it his wedding?

Love the Jason Statham bad guy. Game is going to be off the hook, and I'm especially excited for the MP reveal

As for the main villainous (sp?), it's much more original than Lazaravich, who was pretty meh IMO.

One thing I hated in UC2 was that the bad guys never developed or weren't interesting enough, and the boss fights all resorted to running in circles and blind firing.

This lady is much more interesting, and I love the casual encounter she has with our heroes. Adds to the comedy and "cool" factor, how many times do you get to see the villain and hero interact like this? The accent adds that touch of class too

Uncharted 3 will steal the spotlight again

UP2594d ago

The one thing that Lazaravich did that was great was when he brought up the number of people Drake killed.

Yea the tux was cool. Hopefully it is a skin for multiplayer and singleplayer. Hopefully Doughnut drake makes a return as well. Player him for the entire singleplayer mode was amazing. Does anyone have any ideas for any other silly skins?

-Alpha2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Yeah, I loved the bonus skins and filters they had for SP, Doughnut Drake is hilarious.

I did him for my Crushing run.

I wouldn't mind a big Sackboy skin, that'd be so out of place and funny, especially if he keeps that goofy smile.

Lazaravich was bland, bald bad guy with scars, deep voice, some sort of Russian foreigner, etc. I think Katherine is just the opposite, and I love the idea of Drake interacting with her like he did in the scene depicted above.

UP2594d ago

Yea and Uncharted 2 had things that many games these days lost. cheats or game changers (that you earned). Also Katherine better be a playable skin.

JL2594d ago

Definitely looking good. That villainess looks like she could make for an interesting story. I can't wait.

I'm not much of a multiplayer gamer so I'm not concerned with hearing about that. I'm just ready for another awesome adventure with Drake. This is probably my most anticipated game of the year (with maybe SOCOM 4 right behind it...then the new Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls if it's still coming this year and turns out as awesome as Demon's Souls).

LostDjinn2593d ago

"Stealing a man's ancient family jewelry after your platoon of muscle beats him down? Not classy."

Stealing a man's family jewels is just plain nasty!

Looks great. Did ya get any other info Cat?
*shakes fist*
You better not be holdin' out on us.

Cat2593d ago

Knew I could count on you to get the jewels play!

LostDjinn2593d ago

Couldn't have you feelin' like you wasted your time. ;)

Shani2590d ago

That lady boss looks tough.
I wonder how they will make boss fight. Bad Bossy Lady vs Nathan Drake fighting for their family sign.
its fun to imagine. ;)