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GDC: Resistance 3: "Choice-Based Shooter"

Cat|2480d ago |Blog Post|17|

First off, if you haven't played Resistance 1 or 2 and would prefer to not to read any spoilers, don't read this. If you have played through Resistance 2, then it's safe to proceed.

This afternoon was the multiplayer reveal for Resistance 3, and while there was the opportunity to play the single player the big news is that the multiplayer in Resistance 3 will have 16 players max. Of course, I think it's just as important that they brought back the weapon wheel - yes, return of the weapon wheel in R3!

Four years after the close of Resistance 2 you join Jospeh Capelli in his hometown of Haven, Oklahoma. Creative Director Marcus Smith cited a "focus on humanity and focus on the individual stories." Four years is just enough time for the Chimera to set their sites on Oklahoma, a cue for you to fight them off. There was mention of the campaign single-player and co-op, but no further discussion of co-op.

All the multiplayer maps are set outside the United States so you will be seeing areas not appearing in the single player campaign - which is centered on the U.S. The multiplayer map shown was set in the Republic of Chad, and featured team deathmatch - later they will announce the objective-based game modes. Asked about vehicles, Insomniac's Senior Community Manager said there will be "no drivable vehicles in the multiplayer".

With 16 players max in the multiplayer the maps are scaled accordingly with the ability to choose a smaller map. Smith touted the ability to "get much more intimate with our enemies" and described the game as a "choice-based shooter". with more open level design .

Abilities are passive and active with the former catering to your play style and offering things like stat buffs. Active abilities on the other hand can grant health or ammo to allies (Ammo Beacon), enhance ally radar (Radar Beacon), make a doppelganger appear or electric hula hoop that causes enemies firing on you to take damage when a shot hits. By earning points you can customize your loadouts. Power-ups in MP are species-specific: an electric riot shield for humans and invisibility for Chimera. Each weapon has primary and secondary fire, and weapons upgrade.

Multiplayer Beta coming to PSN later this year.

(and, like the inFAMOUS 2 event, no photography allowed)

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ZombieNinjaPanda2480d ago

I see my questions in there :)

Megaton2480d ago

16-player caps on the multi? Boo.

Christopher2480d ago

So, does that mean 16v16 or 8v8?

Christopher2480d ago

Wow... that's a massive step back for them. I'm not sure this is good news unless they come out with some extremely phenomenal multiplayer options and concepts.

Megaton2480d ago

What? That's even worse. I thought 16v16 when I said "boo".


Buho2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

8v8(TDM,OBJ.),and 1v8(DM) is perfect IMO. Things got way too crazy in Resistance 2 with 60 players. 40 player Meltdown/Breach matches in FOM were great fun,though. I prefer smaller matches because they feel more balanced, but that's just me. Just remember guys, more players does not make a game better. I can't wait to hear more about Resistance 3. Resistance 3 is looking and sounding amazing!

Spitfire_Riggz2469d ago

Exactly. I hated randomly dying. "WHICH ONE OF YOU DID THAT" *points to 59 players*

tony67672480d ago

maybe because the graphics are better they had to downgrade the players online who knows

Christopher2480d ago

No, there's something else with this decision. The graphics would have to be a pretty big advancement to force such a limitation. An advancement I'm not sure we will see until the next gen of consoles.

-Alpha2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

It's simply what they wanted to do. The decision was part of their idea to make a "Streamlined" MP experience.

I know it upsets many fans but I've always thought Sony needed more "Arena" shooters

It's a massive drop, but also a massively different experience. It's not like Killzone 3 where it dropped from 32 to 24. For K3, it was a technical limit (or so they say)

For R3, it seems purely made to offer a radically different style.

Christopher2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

I get that Alpha. But, like I said above, they better offer some phenomenal multiplayer experiences out of this or the community will consider it as a huge setback and loss from the second game.

In this day and age, you can't cut something without replacing it and not incur the wrath of the online community and game journalists.

Raf1k12479d ago

I agree with Alpha. I don't see it as a bad thing as long as they can pull it off. Some of the best multiplayer matches I played were in smaller numbers. Even a 1v1 match can be an amazing experience as it was with Quake 3 Arena.

DelbertGrady2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Will you only be covering PS3 exclusives?

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