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GDC: inFAMOUS 2's User Generated Content to "let players into that sandbox"

Cat | 1730d ago
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At this afternoon's inFAMOUS 2 presentation and demo the big reveal was user-generated content. Citing the problem with inFAMOUS as "at some point, it ended" the possibility of limitless missions created by players was introduced.

Sucker Punch's development director Chris Zimmerman and designer Karl Deckard revealed the full-featured tools - with the same assets and behaviors as those used to create the game - available to players of inFAMOUS 2. Including the game's own templates of defense, escort, survival and search and destroy players and creators are not limited to those types: "if you think inFAMOUS 2 should be a platforming game, go for it". That you can create a level independent of existing canon and using the tools write the story to go with the level makes inFAMOUS 2 something of the ultimate fanfic possibility. inFAMOUS 2 is a sandbox game, and Deckard asserts, "We feel like we're the first people to let players into that sandbox".

From the main menu and choosing "Create Mission" you can enter the environment and begin structuring your missions and game - even changing the game's existing rulesets if you want. That means a Cole without certain powers, or a game with combat similar to the core game but perhaps with a re-imagined storyline. Placement of enemies, triggers, rings for racing, time limits, even things like after defeating X number of enemies Cole is granted one of his powers. Within the creator you can easily hop back and forth between the editor and testing the mission.

Having created a mission, it exists alongside the campaign. There is a ranking system that will focus what everyone sees in their game, with Sucker Punch's featured content appearing by default - missions that are not only great but that the guys at Sucker Punch like. Levels that are well-received by the community will appear as "Famous". Filters allow players to narrow that content by mission type or by time of creation of "best shooters".

The user generated features will be part of the game when it ships in June, with only certain elements dependent on latter portions of the story locked until completion (Just Say "No" to Spoilers!).

Public beta for inFAMOUS 2 starts in April, details on signing up March 14th on the game's official site.

Getting some play time earlier today

BenEViolent  +   1730d ago
Joule  +   1730d ago
Catastrophe, change your name back and give me a copy of inFAMOUS 2, thanks. ;)
BenEViolent  +   1729d ago
lol sorry. not cat(astrophy?). just first to comment I guess.

If you get a copy, I want one too BTW.
-Mezzo-  +   1730d ago
I WANT TO BE THERE...... this looks interesting. Thanks for the Details.
negroguy  +   1730d ago
So doing 1 vs 100 of the strongest enemies in the game. LETS GO. Thanks for the coverage
Syko  +   1730d ago
Few typo's in this here article but I am going to let it slide. I just hope they are lack of sleep induced and not Martini induced =P

Sounds great about infamous 2, Loved the first one and this one sounds every bit as good...but I have to admit I am a bit skeptical about a "Mission Creator" in a sandbox game. but I both see how it could work and also how it could be a total failure.

Guess we will find out soon enough, I will keeps my hopes in the middle so I can be surprised either way.
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snoop_dizzle  +   1730d ago
Lemme pull out my AP Style book and we will start knit-picking! :P jk

I'm looking forward to Infamous 2. I wasn't that big on the first one, but I didn't hate it.
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Christopher  +   1730d ago
Proof that Sony, as a company, really are trying to stick to their philosophy of Play, Create, Share. What's next, map editor in Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, and/or Twisted Metal?

I support any game that encourages prolonged replayability through community support. This is great news and can't wait to test it out.
Otheros00  +   1730d ago
Make sure to get us some more pictures of gameplay. A video would be better.
Cat  +   1730d ago
No photography/videography allowed at the inFAMOUS bit, our photog had to mill about :)
Cloudberry  +   1730d ago
I have a question, in case you missed it below...

Does inFAMOUS 2's User Generated Content have story / cut-scenes editor just like in LittleBigPlanet 2?
snoop_dizzle  +   1730d ago
I hope you're having fun! And don't be afraid to say hi to famous people! ;) I'm glad I wasn't when I was at CES!
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PaladinXII  +   1730d ago
Awesome! Thanks for this, Cat!
Raendom  +   1730d ago
WOW. This is just incredible. inFamous 2 was always a purchase but I'm a bit of a creator myself, bought all create+share games to date. Might get the Hero edition so Sucker Punch get a bit extra for this.
Cloudberry  +   1730d ago
I have a question...
Does inFAMOUS 2's User Generated Content have story / cut-scenes editor just like in LittleBigPlanet 2?
Christopher  +   1729d ago
The demo shown had a "story mode" that allowed you to go through and accomplish a goal (in the demo, they were rushing to disable a bomb) alongside a computer AI partner.

I'm assuming that if they're going so far as to allow AI partners and set goals, they will more than likely allow subgoals and the ability to tell a story throughout each checkpoint of the "story mode" user creation.

Again, I'm assuming and it hasn't been confirmed that I know of yet.
Cat  +   1729d ago
Hey, Cloudberry! They're not talking about cut-scenes per se, so I can't speak to that - but there will be the ability to tell the story through text *and* they say the tools are exactly the same for players as the team that made it, so...Draw your own conclusions? I'd file under "possible"!
INehalemEXI  +   1729d ago
Thats awesome, thanks Cat :D
-Alpha  +   1729d ago
Love the concept, and it's clear they were trying to solve the "there is nothing left to do outside story mode" issue people have with these big sandbox games when there is not much to do after you beat it.

Sucker Punch has taken some big steps with i2
Shani  +   1729d ago
Awesome news.
Thanks for the update cat.

I wish I could b there..... I wish... damn these exams
Well.. better prepare for exam.
TeaDouble_E  +   1727d ago
Cool im gonna make my own horde mode!

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