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Win a Copy of PixelJunk Shooter 2

Cat|2575d ago |Blog Post|13|

Hey PixelJunkies! I have a code for PixelJunk Shooter 2 (the full game) that can be all yours - on one condition: You need to create and share your own PixelJunk Survivor File. In video form.

You have until Midnight PST this Friday, March 4 to submit your entry.

1) Create a Survivor File and upload it to your favorite video hosting service

2) Post a link below to your video, or PM the link directly to me

If you need inspiration, embedded below is Survivor File 2 of 3.

(Winner will be chosen and awarded the game code on Saturday, March 5)


Congrats to Sidology!!! Code on its way! (also, I think you've got something on your nose... ;) )

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TheColbertinator2575d ago

Can't I just bribe you with money?

Or unless I can make other arrangements...

Dr Face Doctor2574d ago

Couldn't you just buy the game with that money?

Godmars2902575d ago


Next you'll be saying there's no Santa!

mickaelmc2574d ago

WAAAAY TOO MUCH WORK ...for a $10 game.

maverick402574d ago

totally agree, screw that.

ZombieAssassin2574d ago

Cheese is awesome, I like cheese too.

Still I don't get what we have to do.

Cat2573d ago

Create your own Survivor File (the one above is an example)!

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