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Win a Copy of PixelJunk Shooter 2

Cat | 1729d ago
User blog

Hey PixelJunkies! I have a code for PixelJunk Shooter 2 (the full game) that can be all yours - on one condition: You need to create and share your own PixelJunk Survivor File. In video form.

You have until Midnight PST this Friday, March 4 to submit your entry.

1) Create a Survivor File and upload it to your favorite video hosting service

2) Post a link below to your video, or PM the link directly to me

If you need inspiration, embedded below is Survivor File 2 of 3.

(Winner will be chosen and awarded the game code on Saturday, March 5)


Congrats to Sidology!!! Code on its way! (also, I think you've got something on your nose... ;) )

TheColbertinator  +   1729d ago
Can't I just bribe you with money?

Or unless I can make other arrangements...
Dr Face Doctor  +   1728d ago
Couldn't you just buy the game with that money?
Godmars290  +   1729d ago
No space flying robot lions?!

Next you'll be saying there's no Santa!
mickaelmc  +   1728d ago
WAAAAY TOO MUCH WORK ...for a $10 game.
maverick40  +   1728d ago
totally agree, screw that.
ZombieAssassin  +   1728d ago
Cheese is awesome, I like cheese too.

Still I don't get what we have to do.
Cat  +   1727d ago
Create your own Survivor File (the one above is an example)!
Sidology  +   1727d ago | Well said

So yeah.

Related video
ugabugaz  +   1727d ago
Not posting a video BUT here's my survival tip to all of you courtesy of Bear Grylls

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Vitalogy  +   1726d ago
Seriously? Dude you do know it's only €7.99 in Europe don't you?

I'll pass this, way too much work for just a possibility.
Sidology  +   1726d ago | Well said
I dunno about you, but I spent a half hour on mine and I think it turned out pretty good (read: terrible).

I guess I'll be enjoying my copy of PixelJunk Shooter 2 tomorrow~
Cat  +   1726d ago
I know that it's an opportunity for a free game :)
Dont Panic  +   1725d ago
WAIT!!!! I'm trying to upload the damn thing.

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