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N4G at GDC

Cat|2403d ago |Blog Post|13|

Hey, guys! N4G in human form will be at GDC next week - will you? If so, drop me a note, it would be great to meet up! If you won't but want your fill of GDC then stay tuned to this blog where I will post all my updates, impressions and interviews from the show.

Bit of a short blog, huh? OK, here's 3 Men vs 15 Lions:

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Raendom2403d ago

That is crazy, 15 of them! Lions are stupid! LOL

Christopher2403d ago

Will we be getting daily blogs out of you and/or others from GDC, Cat?

Cat2403d ago

Daily blog plus additional updates, yep!

-Alpha2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )


Well I can't make it, wish I could afford the trip

BTW, what happened to that contest where if you logged in ever day for the month you won a prize?

Cat2402d ago

What happened to that contest is that the month isn't over :)

-Alpha2402d ago

I was too lazy to find that link -_-

but Thanks :D

GSpartan7772402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

:/ Are there going to be N4G trolls as well? I would really like to meet the trolls. It be nice to meet the people that drive this site.

klado2402d ago

Without trolls and fanbots/boys/girls, honest gamer life would be boring xD

GSpartan7772402d ago

^_^ The truth is that trolls are not actually bad people in real life. (<-)

Kon2401d ago

Some trolls are trolls in real life too.

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