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N4G at GDC

Cat | 1286d ago
User blog

Hey, guys! N4G in human form will be at GDC next week - will you? If so, drop me a note, it would be great to meet up! If you won't but want your fill of GDC then stay tuned to this blog where I will post all my updates, impressions and interviews from the show.

Bit of a short blog, huh? OK, here's 3 Men vs 15 Lions:

Raendom  +   1286d ago
That is crazy, 15 of them! Lions are stupid! LOL
cgoodno  +   1286d ago
Will we be getting daily blogs out of you and/or others from GDC, Cat?
Cat  +   1286d ago
Daily blog plus additional updates, yep!
-Alpha  +   1286d ago

Well I can't make it, wish I could afford the trip

BTW, what happened to that contest where if you logged in ever day for the month you won a prize?
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Cat  +   1286d ago
What happened to that contest is that the month isn't over :)
-Alpha  +   1286d ago
I was too lazy to find that link -_-

but Thanks :D
GenoZStriker  +   1286d ago
:/ Are there going to be N4G trolls as well? I would really like to meet the trolls. It be nice to meet the people that drive this site.

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klado  +   1286d ago
Without trolls and fanbots/boys/girls, honest gamer life would be boring xD
GenoZStriker  +   1286d ago
^_^ The truth is that trolls are not actually bad people in real life. (<-)
Kon  +   1285d ago
Some trolls are trolls in real life too.
Tetsuryu  +   1286d ago
I always think "I'm going to attend this year's conference" (every year), but I simply don't have the opportunity this time around. I'm hoping to see some new developments relating to Epic's UDK, Autodesk products, and maybe the NGP platform through the comfort of N4G. My last major industry gathering was last year's E3, but I was there solely for business-related matters. I don't think I'll be able to attend another event for a while, which saddens me quite a bit.
Pandamobile  +   1285d ago
Wish I could muster up $1000 for a plane ticket, floor pass and hotel for GDC :(
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The_Great_D  +   1282d ago
im a lil confused here... is this the page we have to stay on and hit refresh to get a constant stream of ps3 news updates from GDC?

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