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N4G February Contest Details: Win a PS3 or 360

Cat|2671d ago |Blog Post|56|

The contests for February have a new one thrown in - Loyal Reader Lottery - which is why you're seeing this post before the first of the month. In order to be eligible for the Loyal Reader Lottery, you have to visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period in the month of February. More details below!*

Visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period during the month of February and be entered into our Loyal Reader Lottery! This is tracked by your Daily Visit score, so if you want to keep track and make sure you've logged in during a 24 hours period, check this score on your profile!

Prize: Choice of PS3 Slim or 360 Slim.

Submit news and get a top 5 News ranking in February and you can win up to $250. 
The prizes are:
1st. $250
2nd. $150
3rd. $50
4th. $50
5th. $50

Post on the forums during the month of February! Six winners will be chosen and each will have a choice of a PSN or XBL card valued at $20.

[You have to be willing to provide a valid mailing address as these are physical prizes. At the end of the month winners will be contacted on N4G via PM.]

More Info on the Forum Lottery:
What it is-a monthly lottery contest where the winner(s) will receive various prizes.
How it works- Using a random generator engine we will at the end of each month choose a forum, active thread and a winner.
The finer details:
-Single post wonders, spammers, rude or offensive remarks all result in a DQ.
-The sub-forums located in the N4G related block (Announcements & Rules, contributor, etc) will not be eligible to win, nor will comments made within the Randomicity thread.
-You can only win the Forum Lottery once every six months.
NOTE: Winners of the January Contributor Contest, User Review Contest and Forum Lottery will be announced the first week of February.

*Contests are NOT limited to the US/NA.

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user13372671d ago

cool stuff, buuuut I assume its for US residents only???

Cat2671d ago

Nope, not limited to US/NA!

gaffyh2653d ago

Good to know that you guys include the entire community rather than just the US like many many other game sites.

ZombieNinjaPanda2671d ago

Well I guess I won't have a problem entering this contest unless internet blacks out.

GLoRyKnoT2669d ago

Nor should i since i log-in 10+ times a day :) N4G=WIN!

FanboyPunisher2648d ago

What do you mean 'Blacks'?!

You F'N racist..

J/K, cool avatar...KILLZONE 3 tommorow brah!

HarryMonogenis2671d ago

"Winners of the January Contributor Contest, User Review Contest and Forum Lottery will be announced the first week of January." Oh really? :P

And is this contest for US residents only? :)

Cat2671d ago

Hehe, thanks for the catch :)

Nope, our monthly contests are open to everyone.

RAVEN812671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

I don't own a xbox 360 I would like to win one

evilmonkey5012647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

Yeah, I bought one for xmas w/ kinekt. Honestly, I was a little disappointed but I still had fun with Alan Wake (best looking game on the box imo), kinekt (for a couple weeks )and Mass effect. To be honest, your not missing entirely too much. It is fun to own both however. Whatever you do,make sure you get the slim. Its marginally quieter.

Terarmzar2671d ago

I need a ps3 so i hope i have a chance at winning one.

Bloodyghost2666d ago

I just want something!!

Never won a contest in my life.

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The story is too old to be commented.