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December User Blog Contest Winner!

Cat | 1301d ago
User blog

December's User Blog contest was a very tight race, with three blogs within a vote of one another! The winner is...

Winner: cgoodno with
Prize: Ace Bayou Xfunctional Media Furniture X-Pedestal Audio Gamer Chair


If you don't remember the December contest details:
...and be sure to check out the January contest details!

How a winner is chosen: The top user blog as voted by staff and the ten most active members of the month. Staff selects a pool of no more than 10 from the User Blogs, then sends those candidates to the top ten most active members that month for voting.

Raendom  +   1301d ago
Congrats cgoodno.
-Alpha  +   1301d ago
I hope you enjoy your sitting.
cgoodno  +   1301d ago
Holy crud... Thanks!
horiyenei   1301d ago | Spam

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