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N4G January Contest Details

Cat | 1789d ago
User blog

Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully you all have recovered enough from the holidays to dive into January and the monthly contests! Every month is a little different, so be sure to check back in at the beginning of each month for details.

Submit news and get a top 5 News ranking in January and you can win up to $250. 
The prizes are:
1. $250 

2. $150 

3. $50 

4. $50 

5. $50 

Congratulations to the winners of the December Contributor Contest:

1. BIoodmask

2. mezzo 

3. Kors 

4. Cyrus365

5. Nineball2112 

You must post a User Review in the month of January! The top User Review as voted by staff and the ten most active members of the month wins! There's no limit to how many wonderful User Reviews you can write and enter, anything you author here on N4G during the month of January will be eligible. 


Tritton AX Pro Dolby Digital Precision Gaming Headset

Post on the forums during the month of January! 

Three winners will be chosen and will receive: 

1st. Tritton AX Pro Dolby Digital Precision Gaming Headset
2nd. Game of your choice (standard game, $60 or less)
3rd. Game of your choice (standard game, $60 or less)

Congratulations to the winners of the December Forum Lottery!!
1st: macalatus - Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel

2nd. Megaton - Game of your choice (standard game, $60 or less)

Our annual art contest is in the voting stage! Visit the forums and cast your vote before January 7th!

[You have to be willing to provide a valid mailing address as these are physical prizes. At the end of the month winners will be contacted on N4G via PM.]

More Info on the Forum Lottery:

What it is-a monthly lottery contest where the winner(s) will receive various prizes.

How it works- Using a random generator engine we will at the end of each month choose a forum, active thread and a winner.

The finer details:

-Single post wonders, spammers, rude or offensive remarks all result in a DQ. 

-The sub-forums located in the N4G related block (Announcements & Rules, contributor, etc) will not be eligible to win, nor will comments made within the Randomicity thread. 

-You can only win the Forum Lottery once every six months.

NOTE: Winners of the December User Blog contest will be announced Wednesday of this week.

SKUD  +   1789d ago
Random generator roll.
-MD-  +   1789d ago
Congrats guys.
toaster  +   1789d ago
You win too much free stuff anyways.
redDevil87  +   1789d ago
El Jugador and JimRome are never going to win...
LordMarius  +   1789d ago
Megaton  +   1789d ago
Nice. *browses Steam*
TheColbertinator  +   1788d ago
Congrats Megaton
Megaton  +   1788d ago
SpaceSquirrel  +   1789d ago
Congrats to the winners =]
eVASION  +   1785d ago
Wow, congrats to all five!

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