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November User Review Contest Winner!

Cat|2665d ago |Blog Post|6|

Winner: TenSteps with
Prize: Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures


If you don't remember the November contest details:
...and be sure to check out the December contest details!

How a winner is chosen: The top user review as voted by staff and the ten most active members of the month. Staff selects a pool of no more than 10 from the User Reviews, then sends those candidates to the top ten most active members that month for voting.

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cyborg2665d ago

Have fun running around :P

redDevil872665d ago

Wow, this review just sh!t all over IGN.

Actually it didn't just sh!t all over IGN's reviews, its pissed on them, ran over them, T-Bagged them and then proceeded to nuke them.