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Make Your Halloween Party Rock(Band) Winners!

Cat|2737d ago |Blog Post|15|

Hey, guys! Here are the winners for the Make Your Halloween Party Rock(Band) contest:

1) UNCyrus ( )
2) Mastrx204 ( )
3) RockmanII7 ( )
4) lars2thev ( )
5) CeilingManx ( )

(Unfortunately, we did have to DQ one of our original winners, the winners as they are now are reflected above!)

Winners will be contacted for prize details, etc.

Thanks to everyone that entered, the staff had a great time checking out the contenders! We loved them all so much, that CadeRageous can count on seeing a message in their inbox as well - I think we have some extra goodies to share!

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Ru2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Have fun with your prizes and keep an eye out for more contest's in the future!
We'd love to help continue to feed your gaming addiction :)
Rock on and Happy Halloween!

UNCyrus2737d ago

I'd like to thank the academy, first and foremost! Without them, I don't know where I'd be right now. My friends, my family. All the commenters on N4G, yes... Even the trolls! Am I forgetting anyone?

-Alpha2736d ago

Congrats, buddy, I'm going to enter one of these contests one of these days and win. Backed out of this one because I lacked the talent, I love your Sackboy carving.

TheOnlyMastrx2737d ago

Congrats to UNCyrus on first place and thanks for selecting me for second and congrats to the other winners as well (:

TheOnlyMastrx2736d ago

You already contacted me about winning but I changed my username so its the same as my usernames on PSN and Xbox Live and most every site I am on, just figured I would let you know so there is no confusion as I will also be changing my photo.

Old Username: Mastrx204

TheOnlyMastrx2732d ago

Just got my game, shirt, and other things in the mail (:
Thanks again!

lars2thev2737d ago

Yaj, thanks. Congrats to the other winners :)

RockmanII72735d ago

Still, I think my other pic should have been #1. The sheer amount of time I put in that would impress even that Simon guy from American Idol.

CeilingManx2735d ago

You must have been not sleeping for days to come up with that masterpiece, mine pales in comparison :P

RockmanII72733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

seriously though, I like what you did with the blade and how its in the pumpkin and not behind it or something.

CeilingManx2733d ago

thanks for the compliment! I drew the pumpkin and then had to redraw it around the blade, which wasn't that bad

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