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N4G at PAX - Day 3

Cat | 1817d ago
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Day Three always has a desperate wistfulness. The halls are full of wandering people trying to come up with just one more thing they can squeeze in before they finally sit down and fall into a post-PAX sleep for 24+ hours.

For me, the day kicked off with a Warren Spector roundtable. The game was available on the floor to play and the roundtable session featured gameplay going on in the background, but the bulk of the questions went right to Spector himself, and centered on his relationship and experience with the title and Disney.

There were a lot of lines this year at PAX - and more really long lines than I remember in previous years - and many of those lines were worth the wait. Among those was Spy Party, touting 60 minutes of wait time very early in the day. Spy Party probably scared a lot of people off, too, so I can't imagine the lines if the booth wasn't nestled in the far reaches of the hall, if you weren't given a four-page pamphlet on how to play the game, if the game was more than the barest of bones in presentation. I don't want to spoil the preview here, so I'll just say that this was easily my favorite experience at the show.

Also today was Torchlight 2, and I got to ask some more questions and get into the multiplayer co-op. I managed to get myself into a pretty serious boss battle with just me and my ferret, and discovered at least one way the game has been well-tuned to cooperative play - I couldn't take this guy down alone!

Well, that's it for PAX Prime 2010, folks! I'll keep you posted on the distribution of the swag, which grew today to include some Duke Nukem 'roids and tees (pictured).

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Ru  +   1817d ago
What a great way to spend the labor day weekend!
Sounds like you picked up some really cool swag to prize out!

Would definitely like to hear more about your time with MK :)
saminseattle  +   1817d ago
Did they say if Torchlight 2 will hit PS3 and 360? I'm really curious after watching people play it, it looked great aesthetically and fun as well :)
AgentZigZag  +   1817d ago
Hard to imagine a game involving the word "party" scaring anyone off. However, I do take your word for it.
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AuToFiRE  +   1816d ago
Cat, i dont even think you need that many roids lol, but yeah that shirt and a bottle look like pretty good collectors items..
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Megaton  +   1815d ago
Can haz roids?
LobbycastGeoff  +   1815d ago
Nice blog series! Thank you for making my first PAX so great. We had a blast!
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Symon  +   1813d ago
ah the lines were RIDICULOUS! lol!! we avoided any lines over two hours long (aside from the Square Enix presentation at the theatre); a lot of really great games were being ignored in favour of the bigger titles anyway - which we know we're gonna get regardless, so we figured we could wait a few more months, and focus on trying out stuff we hadn't heard as much about LOL.

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