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N4G at PAX - Day 2

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Media got some early access time this morning, which allowed me to get into the first round of Dragon Age 2 players. Playing as a female rogue, most of the changes to the game seem subtle. The combat was a bit more acrobatic, but everything felt very familiar, in a comfy way. After that was inFAMOUS, so there will be at least a handful of inFAMOUS shirts for you all.

I did, of course, check out the latest Civ V demo, which showed some more combat interactions as well as the Giant Death Robot (actual name). Really looking forward to that game! There is a sense with certain developers (Valve also comes to mind) that they wait to make a sequel for a time when they have enough ideas, enough changes, enough solutions.

Mortal Kombat plays like a return to form, and after playing a couple rounds I started to really understand the enthusiasm from fans here at the show - it seems unanimous that this MK is a real MK. In things less visceral, I played around a little bit at the XBLA booth, including the very cute ilomilo co-op puzzler.

I swung by the LOTRO booth and picked up some swag and keys for you all - they were giving away some "one rings", but I stand by my suggestion that there should be just one. Only one. Now fight!

This afternoon was the Online Gaming Communities panel, spearheaded by Derek Nolan, and I had a great time meeting the attendees - which included our own Mod, Columbo!! Columbo works really hard around here, so if you're at PAX and you see him give him a big "thank you"! (and help him find a poster tube for his awesome Halo Reach poster) If you want to see the panel, it's on YouTube here:

This evening SEGA had an event at Gameworks, which was a really great time. Joined by the guys from the PGL Lobbycast we tore up everything from basketball and air hockey to DDR and Gauntlet. It was a perfect gamer party - and they had Valkyria Chronicles II buttons! The wild Splatterhouse party at Nuemos was part video games, part concert, part really creepy looking cookies. I didn't save you any cookies.

Oh, and for my fellow Dragon Age fans, PGL Geoff managed to eek this tidbit out: they're not saying that Alistair won't be in Dragon Age 2, but they're not saying he will be either. Hmm.

(Image: that would be a Big Daddy and Little Sister tearing it up on Just Dance 2)

Here's a couple GOW: Ghost oF Sparta demo codes:

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Joule2819d ago

I sure do wish I had a PSP right about now.

Harry1902819d ago

Dragon Age 2 on consoles or PC?

Cat2819d ago

Consoles, 10 stations of each - and the demo was quite long (so the line was, as well!).

Ru2819d ago

Where are all my Normies at?
<.< >.>
Not here?
Well too bad for you!

<---Sooo Jealous that you got to play the new MK

TheColbertinator2819d ago

I'm so jealous that you got to play Dragon Age 2.

Odion2819d ago

stop sucking up to Sony and get some 360 swag!

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