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N4G at PAX - Day 1

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One of the quirky things about my job is swapping hats between journalist for N4G's editorial site, ZTGD, and Community Manager for N4G. Here's what I'm going to try here: I'm all C.M. in this blog, with mere hints of what's in store for my coverage over on ZTGD. Here you will find what I saw and what I got - and the latter is a strong indicator of what may be given away on N4G in the coming weeks.

Brink got things off to a dynamic start this morning. On the show floor players are able to try out character customization, see some of the weapon mods, and then dive into a round of the team-based multiplayer. I played as a Medic and then switched to an Engineer, and when it was time to move to the next appointment I kind of wanted to stick around!

Next up was Fire Hose Games' upcoming PSN title, Slam Bolt Scrappers. It's sort of like Smash Bros. meets Castle Crashers meets Tower Defense (meets Tetris?). Yeah, there's a lot going on, and it made for some fierce 2-on-2 competition (ultimately, my team triumphed!).

Vindictus was my MMO foray for the day, and what that means for you is a) you can interact with the environment in very fun ways b) I picked up another Spirit Hood for one of you.

It was a very Sony afternoon as I met up for my afternoon appointment with Motorstorm Apocalypse, Heroes on the Move, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, inFAMOUS 2 and Killzone 3. I do have quite a few PAX exclusive Killzone 3 swag bags, if only N4G had some Killzone fans…

Just not enough talk about possible swag opportunities? Portal 2 co-op demonstration showed off playful robot shenanigans, and also some t-shirts.

At the end of a long day there's nothing for tired feet then a little more walking, so long as you end up at Shorty's. Jeff and Rey of the PlayStation Blog say "hi", and I think Adam Sessler does, too, but he might not remember tonight tomorrow…What's a little PAX without some party!

The Sarcastic Gamer PAXtra Life event was also this evening, which is a worthy cause wrapped up in a party package! Attendees fork out some cash for a limited edition t-shirt, entry to the party, and the proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network. It's for the babies!

On that note, it's time for sleep. If you're here at PAX you are most cordially invited to the panel on Online Gaming Communities and Real Life Relationships, 3:30 pm, Wolfman Theatre (yes, I'm inviting you because I'm on the panel! If you show up and we meet, then it's an online gaming communities turned into a real life relationship and the whole thing will have purpose ;) ). Even if you miss the panel, you might want to swing by when it's wrapping up so you can grab an N4G t-shirt from me - then you, too, can be as happy as Sam! (refer to picture)

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saminseattle2635d ago

The look I gave was so cheesy :P I totally didn't expect to get a N4G T-shirt right then, just kiddin' haha.

Joule2635d ago

where are the Killzone 3 beta codes :'(

Nice day got to play alot of games, how many days is PAX?

Cat2634d ago

Haha, don't worry - and PAX is 3 days, halfway through as of this comment!


Your so lucky :) Here in england we never get any sort of gaming expo :( anyway hope you and anybody else thats there is having a awesome time :)

TheLastGuardian2635d ago

can you get me one of those inFAMOUS 2 T-shirts and an N4G T-shirt and mail them to me? I'd love you long time.

Cat2634d ago

Haha, I have both inFAMOUS shirts and KZ3 shirts, and we will be giving them away!

ISKREEM2635d ago

"I do have quite a few PAX exclusive Killzone 3 swag bags, if only N4G had some Killzone fans…"

What exactly qualifies as a Killzone fan? I suppose i'm going to have to do more then just changing my avatar.

Cat2635d ago

The team from Guerrilla says "hi", too. :)

2635d ago
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