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N4G at PAX - Day 0

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Today I got to meet some N4Gers - like Dakinggamer87 and saminseattle - and one of our Moderators, PS360WII! Sure there was the travel, and the hotel, and the badge pickup, but then very quickly there were games!

Instead of messing around with the traditional Seattle sites, I headed right to the real landmarks - like the Runic Games studio! Minister of Culture, Wonder Russell, was my guide and while half the team was busy setting up the booth at the Convention Center, the other half let me wreak havoc on their office peace. I got my hands on Torchlight II, which made me really want to head back to the hotel and play some more Torchlight. After playing around with both the Railman and Outlander classes I think that while I generally favor ranged classes I love what they're doing with the Railman class so much that might be my pick for first playthrough. There's some fun customization going on, and at least one new pet. More on that later!

Later was the PlayStation Blog meet-up at Top Pot Donuts, which is pretty much the best donut spot ever. Oh, and there were games! The meet-up hosted some intense PSP competition, raffles, and a few things I'd like to give away later like a GoW Ghost of Sparta demo code and an autographed limited edition Kevin Butler Move poster (yes, autographed by the man himself). Anybody feel like a little K.B.? Is there such a thing as a little K.B.??

Next up was Crysis 2, and the team did a great job of setting up a very laid back scene where we could get out multiplayer on. I got to play a couple rounds with the guys from the PreGameLobby and the PS3Nation podcasts, and can recommend them as non-trash talkers. Way to play clean, boys! Remarkably, Geoff and I both managed to die by a finishing shot to the kneecap, or that's the story the replay cam told. More on the nitty gritty of Crysis 2 to come, now it's time to gear up for Day 1...

(I gave away a bunch of N4G t-shirts in record time, but if you're at PAX and looking to snag one from me, fear not - I'll have more on hand tomorrow!)

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SnuggleBandit2845d ago

go to pikes place and pick me up some fresh seafood :) oh how i miss seattle...

Sounds like a cool trip so far though, keep up the updates cat! thanks!

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HeroXIV2845d ago

Will you be doing a competition for N4G readers for that poster or is for people at PAX?

Cat2845d ago

The poster contest/giveaway will be for N4G readers!

PS360WII2845d ago

It was crazy busy at the Top Pot Donuts 0.o

Cat2845d ago

I belief Jeff went with "Bat **** crazy"! How many people you have to scare out of that line? 50? 100??

SmokeyMcBear2845d ago

in the voice of napolean dynamite - lucckkyyyyy

its pretty much my favorite animal, bred for its skills in magic.

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The story is too old to be commented.