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N4G at PAX

Cat | 1913d ago
User blog

Hey, guys! I, N4G in human form, will be at PAX Prime this weekend. To improve on that: I'll have N4G t-shirts to give away! Find me to snag one of your very own - and try not to think of it like a fetch quest. :)

Also, you can definitely find me at the Wolfman Theatre on Saturday, 3:30 PM on the "Online Gaming Communities and 'Real Life' Relationships" Panel.

I look forward to meeting all of you that are geeking it up in Seattle this weekend! For those that aren't making it to PAX Prime, well I guess we'll have to throw our own party another time, won't we?

Ru  +   1913d ago
I demand a Live Vlog of this Panel Discussion your gonna be on!
HeroXIV  +   1913d ago
Yeah please Catastrophe do as many videos as possible for us that can't attend!
Joule  +   1913d ago
Cat get some hands on impressions of Killzone 3! Only if you like the game though, not making any demands.
Cat  +   1913d ago
Sure :) I'll be visiting KZ3 on Friday, along with inFAMOUS 2, R&C: All 4 One, Motorstorm Apocalypse, etc. Not sure what will have changed since E3, so you can read some impressions on that:
Cat  +   1912d ago
Demand for extensive video coverage has been conveyed to videographer!
DaThreats  +   1913d ago
How can I see you over there
If I'm over here?
Cat  +   1913d ago
We'll have to try for another time, another place... :)
DaThreats  +   1912d ago
East Coast (America)
plz :)
saminseattle  +   1913d ago
I'll definitely be there :P I just hope you're not out of free shirts by the time I get there.
Dakinggamer87  +   1913d ago
I will be at PAX at IGN and Playstation blog meetup on Thursday evening!! Please save me a t-shirt
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Cat  +   1913d ago
I should have a fresh batch on Thursday evening! :) Same goes for Mr. SaminSeattle
saminseattle  +   1911d ago
I was thinking about asking if I could maybe get a shirt Thursday (more of a guarantee that way)but felt bad for asking to didn't :P hope I get one Thursday! and if not then that's cool to, I just wanna chill out and meet other gamers these next couple days :D oh, and play some games.
Megaton  +   1913d ago
Nooooo! Seattle! Can you swing by Los Angeles after PAX is over and drop one off at my house, Cat?
LobbycastGeoff  +   1913d ago | Funny
I know a couple of podcast hosts that are looking forward to hanging out with you... they're jerks though. You don't want to be seen with those two!
Cat  +   1912d ago
Yeah, they better text me when they're settled in! You know, so I can avoid them... ;)
iforgotmylogin  +   1913d ago
Make a party in nyc plz
WildArmed  +   1912d ago
Yeah.. can you grab a few K3 beta codes for me =p
LordMarius  +   1912d ago
WindowsGamer  +   1912d ago
I'll hunt ya down
Just keep an eye out for Andrew Ryan! I'll fight my way past the parasites who think they "deserve" a shirt and a fist-bump. rabble rabble Ayn Rand rabble rabble
famalegoodssa   1912d ago | Spam
-Mezzo-  +   1912d ago
Ahh DAMN, i can't be there, i would have loved to meet you guys, the only major event i have been to is E3 2009, i was in USA for some Medical Treatment & i decided to visit E3 with my brother.

Anyways enjoy yourself, though if i was there you would have loved me.
xiayu   1912d ago | Spam
killyshapiro  +   1912d ago
go N4G!!!!!!!
gtxmann   1911d ago | Spam
hahaha112   1911d ago | Spam
BAMitUp  +   1911d ago

I was at the Playstation event tonight and I scored an N4G shirt.. but its all faded looking; I was wondering if it is supposed to look like that... Hmmm.

You have my business card. The one with the QR code
Cat  +   1910d ago
Hey! You messing with me? I'm not sure...the grey-on-grey design is probably the one you got, I don't think I saw any "faulty" ones leave my hands! :)
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