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N4G at PAX

Cat|2823d ago |Blog Post|30|

Hey, guys! I, N4G in human form, will be at PAX Prime this weekend. To improve on that: I'll have N4G t-shirts to give away! Find me to snag one of your very own - and try not to think of it like a fetch quest. :)

Also, you can definitely find me at the Wolfman Theatre on Saturday, 3:30 PM on the "Online Gaming Communities and 'Real Life' Relationships" Panel.

I look forward to meeting all of you that are geeking it up in Seattle this weekend! For those that aren't making it to PAX Prime, well I guess we'll have to throw our own party another time, won't we?

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Ru2823d ago

I demand a Live Vlog of this Panel Discussion your gonna be on!

HeroXIV2823d ago

Yeah please Catastrophe do as many videos as possible for us that can't attend!

Joule2823d ago

Cat get some hands on impressions of Killzone 3! Only if you like the game though, not making any demands.

Cat2823d ago

Sure :) I'll be visiting KZ3 on Friday, along with inFAMOUS 2, R&C: All 4 One, Motorstorm Apocalypse, etc. Not sure what will have changed since E3, so you can read some impressions on that:

Cat2822d ago

Demand for extensive video coverage has been conveyed to videographer!

Cat2823d ago

We'll have to try for another time, another place... :)

saminseattle2823d ago

I'll definitely be there :P I just hope you're not out of free shirts by the time I get there.

Dakinggamer872823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I will be at PAX at IGN and Playstation blog meetup on Thursday evening!! Please save me a t-shirt

Cat2823d ago

I should have a fresh batch on Thursday evening! :) Same goes for Mr. SaminSeattle

saminseattle2821d ago

I was thinking about asking if I could maybe get a shirt Thursday (more of a guarantee that way)but felt bad for asking to didn't :P hope I get one Thursday! and if not then that's cool to, I just wanna chill out and meet other gamers these next couple days :D oh, and play some games.

Megaton2823d ago

Nooooo! Seattle! Can you swing by Los Angeles after PAX is over and drop one off at my house, Cat?

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The story is too old to be commented.