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What do you want to know about your fellow N4Gers?

Cat|2961d ago |Blog Post|23|

No, not in a creepy way. :)

The new N4G is nearly here, and when it arrives I want to use that beginning as the kickoff point for some other new things. Among them, a member feature that will give us a chance to get to know our fellow N4Gers better.

So what sorts of things do you want to know about your fellow members? How they got into gaming? What their username means? What gaming achievement are they most proud of? Post the sorts of questions you'd like answered - and you'd like to answer - below!

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PHIL892961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

What I want to know Is why Isn't Rando mandatory for every member? Force if necessary may be needed. Spread the word...

On topic. I really have no idea. Most of the time you get to know another person by talking to them.

No stalking, please. Lol.

SnuggleBandit2961d ago

so there's gonna be some type of social network feature?

kwicksandz2961d ago

gamercard to include PC orientated services such as steam and xfire.

toaster2961d ago

Have tags for users and then a search for users feature. Like, say a user is tagged as "hardcore" and another user wants to play a game with people tagged under "hardcore" they search for the tag and a list of peeps come up. Each user can have multiple tags and a list of the games they play.

So I would search for "TF2, elite" or something along the lines of that and a list would come up telling me who plays TF2 and is a competent shot.

And what kwicksandz said above. There aren't a lot of Steam users on here but it would be nice to have anyways.

SmokeyMcBear2961d ago

maybe a pic.. so we can put a face to a name.

LordMarius2961d ago

Thats madness

Make it a Facebook sort of type for gamers only
but do force everyone to have an avatar

El_Colombiano2957d ago

Now that wouldn't work with all the multiple accounts on here.

FAT MAN GO BOOM2961d ago

Favorite Genres, Systems they have owned one point or another...
new gamer, old gamer, hardcore, Fanboy Gamer, Casual gamer....

Favorite game of all time with an image of the box or something...

Popular game the don;t like
unpopular game they love

this is good... I think... the more it is related to gaming and the history of the persons gaming it would be better...

TMAN2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Not sure, but as Phil said, you usually get to know others through the forums. I think getting to know the site staff such as yourself, Dusty, Jamie, ZT, and all the Mods would be a good thing.

Though some of us know a bit about some of the Mods, likes Smokey likes making his own brews and he is an engineer, Snoops is an Audiophile, and Odion....Well, he's Eastern Canadian, what more can you say about him? Lol.

But I think your idea is a good one.

Oh! How about a steak and steamed veggies sub-forum?


FAT MAN GO BOOM2961d ago

A list of games people have would be great... that way we can compare games and see if we have games that we can play together or our taste in games... 1up had a list like that and you could even search for users that had games like you did... it is a great way to find gamers playing the same games...

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