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N4G Meet-up and PAX 2009

Cat|3160d ago |Blog Post|22|

Hey, guys! I will be at PAX 2009, covering the event for ZTGameDomain, the journo arm of N4G.  For those of you that haven't ventured over to the N4G forums this blog post is to serve two purposes, listed below.  Mostly, however, I just want to welcome you to get involved - whether or not you're attending PAX!

N4G Meet-up: Just saying, if you're there, I'm there, maybe we could all be there together

Between panels, I'll be meeting with a number of people to play games and ask questions. I'd love to include any questions you have for these guys, too, so below is a rough, ever-changing list of some of the teams I'll be meeting with and the games they're featuring.

Media Q&A with Gabe and Tycho
Atari, Star Trek Online
Harmonix, Beatles RB (Chris Foster, Lead Designer)
Telltale, Monkey Island
Ignition, Muramasa   
Funcom, Secret World, Age of Conan
Runic Games, Torchlight
Xbox - Dream-Build-Play     
Playlogic, Fairy Tale Fights
Bethesda, Brink, WET, Rogue Warrior, Doom II, Quake Arena Arcade 
2K - ioshock 2, Borderlands, Mafia II, Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, Axel & Pixel
Gamevil - HYBRID: Eternal Whisper

I'm not guaranteeing inclusion of all questions you post, but I'll definitely try! Some of the above are just casual meet-ups, others only last 15 minutes, and still others are a whole darn hour.

Let me know what you think!

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Dakinggamer873160d ago

I'll be there can't wait!!

Cat3160d ago

Fantastic - I'll be the chick with the N4G/ZTGD media badge, meet you by the soda machine. :P

Dakinggamer873160d ago

Cool!! I've been looking forward to PAX for awhile now..

NineteenSeventyNine3160d ago

You should probably bring some mace to fight off all us fat, depressed 35 year olds. :(

Cat3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Hmm. Mace seems like overkill. Think this ties into what I was saying in my comment over here ( ) about guys getting the short end of the stereotype stick.

Will you be at PAX, too?

Edit: PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo -

NineteenSeventyNine3160d ago

Don't really know what PAX is. Will there be cake?

Columbo3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

PAX is lame. Are you going to be at the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby? ;-)

Cat3160d ago

See, you're just bragging. :P Unless you got me tickets and have a julep on standby...

Columbo3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

It could be arranged. I'll Derby you if you E3 me.

Eiffel3160d ago

I never have time to go to these kinds of things. Hope you enjoy your time there.

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The story is too old to be commented.