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More Bars In More Places?

As of late the Apple antennae gate has consumed most front pages of mobile websites. Release of a band for the iPhone 4 to soften the blow of Consumer Reports. Last a OS update that made your bars more "accurate". Apple changing bars saying it was not correct all along. Remember the marketing campaign "More bars in more places"? Isn't this a direct contradiction? Now we all know, or should know, that bars on cellular devices are unreliable. So to make an entire marketing plan behind something that is not accurate seems a bit deceptive. To have most of your buyers, who are not in the know, believe you have the best network is outrages. Even lower is to hide behind the antenna issue. To have Apple hold a press conference without as much as an appearance or a press release showing support for the company that made you so much. Verizon rumors linger. You will lose if/when Verizon has the iPhone. A better network with more towers that does not have to lie about how their coverage. I honestly believe that ATT decided to code the bars of reception to show more from less. The blatant disregard for customer. The infamous iPad email problem. Slowly laying in bed with HTC and Android as a backup encased. This company for lack of a better work sucks. Your customers won't forget how you've treated them when you were on top. ATT will lose about 25% of their customers the second they lose their Apple exclusivity.

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thorstein2834d ago

how their ads (ATT and Apple) are where most of their money is going, not into R&D.

My wife's iPhone (with ATT) wants to charge her for "international roaming" while in Northern New York State. Meanwhile, my 6 year old Verizon flip phone gets 3 bars.