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The Curse of the Friend Code

Okay, They're many reports about there that seem to predict the future of Nintendo's new online system. Ubisoft seemed to have "confirmed" friend lists, achievements, and gamertags for their games. What this could easily mean is that Ubisoft is implementing "uPlay" in Ghost Recon and the Wii U might not have the basic online tools to have a core audience. Another report suggests that Friend Codes are indeedly back and ready to strike again in our hearts. To me, even the "universal" friend code isn't enough to have the FULL online experience. I have friends on my Xbox Live profile that I have met through online multiplayer and i LOVE the cross game chat. If the Wii U cannot provide this and be up with the competition, then I don't know what else to say about this new console. I just might not buy it. HOPEFULLY the Wii U will have a good Online system, please Nintendo, you announced to us core gamers that you wanted us to be back! You have the 3rd party games! You have Mario, Zelda, Starfox, F-Zero, Smash Bros, ALL your amazing IP's that people know and love. I believe that the Wii U has TONS of potential, but all that goes away, if the dreaded Friend Code makes a return.

Super Smash Bros Brawl, the perfect example of FULL potential on a Next-Gen console. In order to play with your friends online, you had to trade Friend Codes in order to play. When you would like to play, sometime you even have to go through the trouble of calling your friend up and asking to play. They could be playing something else and you wouldn't know it. When you go on your friend roster, it will never be on "Online" because even your other friends would automatically know that there is no point in going online and checking for friends to be online. With NO friend codes, friend lists, and gamertags really could fix all of these TINY problems. You could see what your friends are doing at the time, effortlessly send an invite with it showing on your friends screen saying for example, "CarlitosKaruuz would like to play Super Smash Bros. Wii U." It would be absolutely perfect with that type of online system.

The last thing Nintendo has to realize is that; there really is no point in even having any friend codes at all! Parents these days are buying little children rated M video games that happen to be VERY social, the simplest example being Call of Duty. Children are not afraid of speaking with people online with video games. Nintendo for some reason seems to think that this world is absolutely horded with rapist, and pedofiles lurking in the Wii U universe. Most children even know the "Stranger Danger" rule anyways. And even the children who aren't allowed to talk on the internet, Nintendo just has to create a parental lock on game chat on the Wii U. If the Xbox can do it, I am PRETTY SURE that Nintendo can do it also. There are so many substitutes for Friend Codes it is ridiculous. Nintendo can make parental controls on online chat for video games, while the core audience can have their fun at the same time. Please Nintendo, be the great behemoth of a company you are and DITCH the friend code system!

Do not let this run the Wii U!

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consolez_FTW2507d ago

This is a cool blog. nice job at punctuation and organization. If I could approve blogs I'd approve of this one.Also great topic to write about.

thisguywithhair2499d ago

I don't know what the guy above me has been smoking but this is one of the most disjointed and badly paced blogs I have read in a while.

You jump from one topic to the next with no one idea leading into the next. In the first paragraph alone there are three topics that are not even spelled out, plus you throw in that you love cross game chat. What does that have to do with friend codes?

You need to better outline your thoughts and keep everything relevant to your title, if not your thesis.