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My Ideas for The Last of Us single player DLC (Spoilers)

CaptainYesterday | 930d ago
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So I originally posted this on The Last of Us wikia forums also on the N4G forums I figured I would also make this my first blog post.

So what's everyone thinking for the single player DLC, what do you want it to be and what characters should be in it? I really hope there is more than just 1 single player DLC because I really love The Last of Us universe. There are a few things I would like to see in the DLC here are a few ideas I was thinking of.

A Joel and Tommy DLC, Tommy and Joel were together in Boston quarantine zone at some point Tommy gets sick of the military, Marlene convinces Tommy to join the Fireflies. There must be more to the story was Tommy just tired of being pushed around or did he regret that he most likely killed innocent people when him and Joel would raid camps? How did Marlene convince Tommy to be a Firefly? What did Joel do to Tommy to have him say that he did not want to see his face again? In this it would show how Tommy and Joel got to Boston what happened on the way and what happened when they arrived at the quarantine zone. We would get to learn more about Tommy and Joels relationship.

Tess and Joel DLC, from the very start I loved Tess clearly Joel did too they were at one point in a romantic relationship and I really wanna know more about that. How did they meet/where? They seem very close did something happen that made them have that bond and become such a strong ruthless team? In this DLC they would most likely be smuggling weapons and doing other jobs that needed to be done. We would see how Joel and Tess met and why they decided to smuggle weapons.

Bill and Joel DLC, what was there relationship they were clearly partners or something Joel either saved Bill or got him out of some situation that Bill owed Joel a favor of some kind. I would really love to know more about Bill how he met Joel also how Bill met his partner Frank and how he got his own town.

Ellie and Marlene DLC, so Marlene at some point after Ellie's Mom (Anna) died and when Ellie and Riley were bitten by one of the infected during a firefight in the mall she took Ellie under her wing. It seemed that Marlene and Anna were close enough that she knew Ellie since she was a baby so they have a bit of history there. But Ellie refers to Marlene as "just a friend, I guess" even though she knew her since she was born. As such, it is unusual that she thinks Joel is closer to her than Marlene, possibly because Ellie's mother lived with Marlene before. That seems curious there has got to be more to that story.

Ellie and Riley DLC, Naughty Dog could just make the comic books into DLC and I would totally buy that because who doesn't want more Ellie?

What do you think? What are your ideas?

PopRocks359  +   930d ago
I would imagine any single player DLC added would have to be prior to the ending. Naughty Dog seemed pretty adamant about the ending they chose (glad for it, honestly).

[Mild spoiler in this paragraph]
Honestly, I would like to see a DLC where you are Ellie helping Joel or perhaps another older NPC character, sort of like the Winter chapter in the main game.
CaptainYesterday  +   930d ago

I was kind of annoyed that we didn't get to play or at least see what happened in between Fall and Winter. The last part of Fall we see Joel badly wounded on the verge of death Ellie some how manages to get Joel to safety and she's able to keep him alive for an unknown amount of time. I figured it was at least a month or so because when they left the university it had just started to snow and in the Winter chapter there was a good amount of snow. It drove me crazy not knowing if Joel was alive or dead I was freaking out thinking "Great another video game character I really love dies" I'm sure Naughty Dog did that on purpose just to mess with the fans or something. Anyways back to what you were saying, I would love a DLC where we play as Ellie either with Joel or someone else or maybe even on her own. She was at a boarding school and it's un clear if she was kicked out or if they just had to transfer a bus full of kids to the Boston quarantine zone, when she arrives she is approached by a soldier who knows her. He warns her not to pull any of her “old stunts” maybe Naughty Dog could explore more of Ellie's past in some way.
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Reibooi  +   930d ago
I kinda think the DLC might be about Ish(if people have played the game and found alot of the little notes and whatnot you should know who he is)

Some people say it would be impossible because it happens over a long period of time but so does the main story. It just had time skips. I think they could do something similar with a DLC centered around Ish and what ultimately became of the safe haven he had hoped to create for people.
CaptainYesterday  +   930d ago
Yeah I've asked a few friends what they wanted The Last of Us DLC to be and they all said Ish. I admit it would be interesting to see how everything went down in the sewers it seemed like Ish had a nice little setup for a little while till all hell broke loose. If we don't get Ish DLC I hope Naughty Dog at least adds the sewers as a multiplayer map.
Cam977  +   928d ago
They could make an Ish story terrifying. That room with the letter and the covered up childrens' bodies was awful. He killed them because something was banging the door.
OrangePowerz  +   930d ago
Ish would be awesome, I loved the side story in a very sad and depressing way when you read that he came across some people and considers looking for them so he has company and doesn`t have to live alone down in the sweres and how he thinks he can give them a better life.
imtheman2013  +   930d ago
Spoilers below!

I would be willing to bet that the DLC will take place right after the event of Sarah's death. 20 years is a huge chunk of time to add back story to the characters. Maybe seeing Joel's first human kill, the story of him and Tommy going their separate ways, and so on.

Regardless of what the DLC will be, I'm sure it'll be great!
CaptainYesterday  +   930d ago
Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing how Joel and Tommy got from Texas to the Boston quarantine zone and what they had to do to get there. Joel and Tommy went through a lot at the starting of the game I'm sure it wasn't easy to adjust to what was happening around them. It would also give us a chance to get to know more about Joel possibly find out what happened to his wife we know nothing about her.
OrangePowerz  +   930d ago

I would like DLC playing as Ish. I got really attached to the story they told via the notes of him and the environment of the sewer level after Boston where you can see how he built a small society down there.
outsider1624  +   929d ago
i would like to see a dlc where right after sarah's death, joel and tommy find out who the asshole is who gave the order to shoot them.
CaptainYesterday  +   929d ago
Yeah that would make a great DLC! I'm sure Joel tracked that guy down and beat the shit out of him. Also we would find out how Joel and Tommy got from Texas to the Boston quarantine zone that's quite the trip.
DigitalRaptor  +   929d ago
How would Joel ever find that out though? The military are willing to kill civilians, he cannot get close to them, and the guy who was following orders was shot dead. If you can think of a way in which you'd be able to track down the guy who gave the order, then I'm all ears.

I think there's a gap of 20 years after that for a reason.
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DigitalRaptor  +   929d ago
I don't know about your suggestions. They're good ones but i was thinking that the core of this game is Joel & Ellie. It would have to be them together.

If you think about it there are gaps of weeks/months between parts of the game where we don't know what happened. Anything could be told.

Remember this concept picture?

My ideal DLC chapter(s) would be Joel and Ellie, on their travels, pass a farm where they meet a family/survivors. Kinda like the farm in the Walking Dead. You get to know the fellow survivors, just like you got to know Sam and Henry, and then things play out. It could end peacefully, or it could end up bloody. Depends on how they want to approach the gameplay.
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CaptainYesterday  +   928d ago
Yeah I know that picture well it's been my background for a few months now I was waiting for that part in the game but it never happened unfortunately. I too do really want to see more Joel and Ellie, they were just starting to get along towards the end of the game. You could see Joel saw Ellie as a daughter he was opening up to her more saying he was going to teach her to play guitar and to swim. Joel and Ellie have quickly became my favourite video game characters of all time. I just wanted to say that to show you that I clearly want to see more of Joel and Ellie. I'm not so sure that the DLC will have Joel and Ellie though, Naughty Dog said that the DLC will be a side story to me that means different characters maybe even characters we don't know. The DLC could still be about Ellie and Joel maybe after the ending or during one of the gaps but who knows. I do really like your idea of them coming across a group of survivors could work really well, I'm sure Naughty Dog has something really interesting planned for the DLC and I can't wait :)
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