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The Game Console that i will be buying this generation is..?

I am not a fan boy I am a vagrant core gamer I have in the past owned ; a PS3 ,a Xbox360 ,a PS2 , a Xbox, a PS1 ,a N64 , a SEGA Mega Drive , Nintendo Gameboy , An Atari ST , Spectrum ZX and 5 different Gaming PCs . My loyally to any particular brand is not guaranteed. I will choose the console which best suits me . So which console will I buy this Generation?

The last generation I bought on launch day a Xbox 360 and for the first few years I loved it, I support it and help it gain a foothold in the market and Microsoft repaid the faithful with countless brilliant exclusives such as ; Mass effect , PGR2 and 3, gears of war, Halo 3 ..etc . This love affair came to an abrupt end when Xbox decided to abandoned the gamers who supported and nurtured them throught thosse early years and concentrate instead on the Kinect,. A casual and non -gamer centric peripheral. Which was a knee jerk reaction to the popularity and dominance of the Wii at the time. However that market was a fad which has since moved on to I Pads and tablets. With feeling on betrayal still fresh in my mind and list a exclusives all of which had Kinect in the title, I decided to a return to the Sony and buy a Playstaion 3.

Early on this year with the next generation of consoles looming I decided to keep an open mind regarding my decision for my next Gen purchase. To be honest I was quite worried about what the next generation would bring . Rumours were circulating of under-powered systems that were focussed on casual gamers , DRM and downloaded games only. The worry I had about underpowered system was put to bed as soon as Sony said the words 1.84 TB GPU and showed us the first crop of next Gen games. I watched the PS4 reveal glued to my PC monitor. Predictably Microsoft responded later by revealing their system which was a major disappointment ,other than showing the console itself it focussed on TV and lacked games, not to mention the later abandoned DRM and daily online check in policies .

So Pre E3 ,we knew a lot more about XBOX1 than PS4 which allowed Sony a free shot at Microsoft . Sony delivered three mighty blows ; NO DRM , NO online check ins and the finally its Price. In Less than a week MS responded with its infamous U turn regarding some of there less popular policies…and the rest is history..

Having consider all the factors which are important to me, it is my decision this time is to buy a Sony PS4 and here follows the reasons why I think Sony system is a more suitable choice.

1. System Specs

(i) RAM…

PS4 has 8 GB of ddr5 and Xbox1 has 8 GB of ddr 3

The winner is PS4


PS4 has 1.84 Tflop GP( equivalent to ATI 7850-7870) and Xbox1 has 1.2 T flop GPU (equivalent ATI 7770) these equivalent have in PC term frame rates of 52fps for ATI 7850 and
29fps for ATI 7770 for Crysis 3 medium setting , 1080 p

Winner is PS4

(iii) CPU…

PS4 cpu AMD 8 core x86 and Xbox1 AMD 8 core x86

A draw

(iv) Hard drive….

PS4 has 500GB interchangeable hard disk and XBox1 has 500GB non interchangeable hard disk

Winner is PS4

2. Value for money

The Xbox1 costs $500 and the PS4 costs $400. Ok ,so you are paying more money for lower system specs it seams . So how does MS justify the extra $100. The answer is of course is the addition of a mandatory KINECT . Yes that old demon from the last generation has remerged again and this time you have to buy it. NOW HERE FOLLOWS MY RANT…. Listen Microsoft I am a core gamer and I like to sit down in front my TV with a controller in my hand and play games, I do not want to flap my arms around or dance in front of the TV, just like driving a car .My car has a steering wheel, a gear stick, and three foot pedals one of which is the break , another is a clutch and third is an accelerator and guess what it works fine and I’m very happy with it, just like a hand held controller works fine, so please Microsoft U turn this decision and make it optional if insist on having it…

So my verdict here is the PS4 is better value for money.

3 Games

Many Xbox Fanboys are citing games as the reason for there choice of purchasing an Xbox1 , this is not surprising because it is impossible to argue that the XBox1 has better spec or value for money. So let us look objectively at games. Games tastes are a personal preference and both systems have exciting exclusives coming out no doubt, Killzone4 , Infamous second sun etc on PS4 and Dead rising , Titanfall etc on Xbox1. Obviously gamers are only going to get excited about games on systems that they are supporting , for example someone buying an Xbox 1 isn’t going to be rubbing his hands together is anticipation for Killzone 4 are they now. Many top games are Multiform after all , this extensive list includes the likes of ; Battlefield, COD, FIFA … the list goes on..

My verdict here is a Draw

5 Policies

Microsoft dramatic U-turn means that both companies has similar policies regarding ; used game DDM and , online check ins . I have recently seen rumours of MS
U turning on Indie game self publishing. In fairness thought , MS U turn was necessary to stop them committing financial suicide, rather than as a gesture of any goodwill towards its gamers.

My verdict here is that even though MS changed their policies regarding DDM and online check ins , the fact that they tried to pull this off in the first place doesn’t sit with me well. Therefore , PS4 has my vote in this catagory.

I personally will be buying the superior PS4 this generation and my opinions may likely represent many other gamers out there . However, it is important that both system are supported. A good reason for this is that competition gives us an alternative and in essence a voice to stand up again future draconian measures such as the hated DDM policies. The Xbox fan boys jumping ship to PS4 was enough to make MS reverse polices at a cost of millions Dollars in less than a week which is pretty impressive as a result they were able to get the system they wanted on there terms, and if MS drops that KINECT even I may raise an eyebrow in the future.

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Agent-861761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

@CapraDemon, very good blog and just like one I was considering doing. I can't really think of how a rational person could chose an Xbone over the PS4. However, I'd add a couple things to your points (what I would have included had I got around to writing a similar blog).

1) System Specs: Not only does the PS4 have better RAM, it also has more available for gaming. Xbone has 3 operating systems, each using about a GB of RAM. So, it really only has 5GB of DDR3 available for gaming while the PS4 has 7GB of DDR5. That is a huge difference and an overwhelming win for the PS4.

2) Value for the money: You nailed it here and I'm with you 100%. I don't want the Kinect and have failed to see a single Kinect game or "Better with Kincet" feature that I want. I don't like unnecessary peripherals shoved down my throat and have to pay for something I don't want or need. Plus the fact that it has to be connected for the Xbone to even work is pathetic. I would also add that Xbone has the unnecessary paywall to access apps you've already paid for. Why is Gold necessary to use Netflix or Hulu Plus? Even "free to play" games you have to have Gold. How can you call anything free to play when you have to buy a subscription. Sony put the MP behind the PS+ paywall, but at least you can still access apps and free to play without it. Also, I believe the PS+ is overall a better value than Gold with a better selection of free games (and more current than what Gold is offering).

3) Games: Here I would also give the win to Sony because of their superior 1st party studios and their genuine exclusives. I'm primarily a PC gamer and big chunk of MS "exclusives" are also available on PC. Sony's are truly exclusive. Even the Xbone's heavy hitter, Titanfall, will be on PC. Last generation, I had a PS3 as a companion to my gaming PC and missed out on very few games. And look how PS3 is still being supported with great exclusives despite the coming of new generation (where's the equivalent of Last of Us on the 360?). I'll be sticking with the same combo this time: PS4 + a gaming PC.

4) Policies (I believe you skipped 4 and went to 5): Here's where MS showed their true stripes. They were going to force the DRM/No used games crap on us with none of the benefits that services like Steam provide. And they did it with such arrogance. Supposedly, this DRM/no used game policy was set in stone and irreversible. Yet, somehow, they did a complete 180 and said it was because of gamer feedback. If that's the case, why did it take so long? Gamers were up in arms when the rumors first surfaced. Didn't seem to be listening then. The only reason they switched their "set in stone" policies was they were getting killed in the preorders and they finally realized they had to change or get blown away. I can't believe people (Xbox sheep) are so willing to forget what MS was trying to do and just instantly forgive them now they were forced to do a 180.

So, I agree with all your points and it's an easy decision: PS4 for the win. For me, it'll be the same as last generation: Sony console + a gaming PC is the unbeatable combo.

Donnieboi1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I think the author of this blog is underestimating the stupidity of the western dude-bro crowd. I mean, just look at the sales of the Xbox 360 despite the fact it barely had any exclusives for 4 years. Multiplatforms could be bought on any other console--but no, they buy 360 simply because of all those shiny COD and Sports game commercials that deceive them into thinking it's only on xbox.

If the west hasn't cought-on by now, then they will never learn that there is better out there, they will do whatever the stupid commercial on tv or ad's in their mind-numbing magazines tell them to do.

P.S. = I once owned a 360 and COD MW 2, Blops, and MW3, so i'm not dissing 360 owners or COD owners, however I can't understand how people can CONTINUE to be FANS of these products when they don't offer anything NEW. Check the list of top games played on xbox live, and it's always MW2 or Blops or some sports game or some other mind-numbingly dumb game that they sell you every year with minimal improvements/changes.

That's why I sold my 360--just tired of COD and all my "friends" only playing COD. I wish we had more games from Europe, Japan, etc--more platforming games, RTS, MMO, Jrpg's, etc. It's okay to own a 360 in 2013, but it's a crime if you don't also own a PS3--no fanboyisms here--just saying, Sony really is trying hard to bring back REAL hardcore gaming. Not Forza, Halo, Gears, COD, Madden re-hashes every year.

ANYTHING other than these uninspired western FPS games. I mean, at least add something fresh to the genre! IS that too much to ask?

1759d ago
Septic1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

"I think the author of this blog is underestimating the stupidity of the western dude-bro crowd. I mean, just look at the sales of the Xbox 360 despite the fact it barely had any exclusives for 4 years."

So I must be part of the western dude-bro crowd because I preferred gaming on the Xbox 360? I prefer it because of its social functions, of which the PS3 has been decidely backwards the entire generation, the few exclusives that it does have; don't down-play the importance of Halo, Forza and the like because those are games at the top of their respective genres and the fact that many of the exclusives on the PS3 just simply do not appeal to everyone. Also, don't be oblivious to the importance of third party titles this generation.

I game on both the PS3 and 360 and I have a gaming PC. I've enjoyed playing on them all and for any keyboard warrior to suggest that I am mentally deficient for picking preferring the X1 over the PS4 just goes to show their intellectual shortcomings and immaturity.

I want to play Project Spark. I want to play Dead Rising 2. I want to play the next Forza. I want to play Killer Instinct. I want to play Titanfall. I prefer Twitch and I want to see how Skype integration works with the X1. I want to use the cool multi-tasking features work on the console.

So you need to stop your little crusade spending the vast majority of your time desperately trying to undermine the excitement of others for a console they clearly enjoy. I question how much of a gamer you really are.

reaperofsouls1761d ago

Thank you, your imput is much appreciated and if the article is not approved i will look in to resumitting with your suggestions improvements.

Regards James

Software_Lover1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

So games dont matter at all to people anymore? I will say this to the day I die.........

If you want to play Mario games or Zelda, get a Nintendo. Specs dont matter.

If you want to play Halo, Forza, Gears, get Microsoft. Specs dont matter.

If you want to play Killzone, Gran Turismo, get Sony. Specs dont matter.

Spouting out Teraflops? That is how we're determing our console purchasing now?

Some of your other reasons are up for debate but I'm not debating as they have been done to death on these forums. I would just be regurgitating the same stuff. People see what they want to see. It just depends on who they are being influenced by. Yes you, even myself, are being influenced by something/someone whether we believe it or not. We like to think we come to our conclusions on our own accord but it's not entirely true.

I myself will purchase both. Not at launch, but by next year I plan on having both. I will not buy an XBone one at 500. It's just a matter of principal. I will never pay over 400.00 for a console. I got lucky with my fat 60gb ps3 last gen at launch for 400.00. SHH dont tell anyone, lol.

Game on.

MysticStrummer1760d ago

I think you may have missed the "Games" section where he basically said the same thing you did.

I'm a one console per generation kind of guy, and PS has been my go to console since PS1. I'll most likely stick with PS until they chase me off with bad policies and/or bad games. By "bad" I mean in relation to how much I enjoy them, not as in bad sales or reviews.

The advantage in specs is icing on the cake made of games I enjoy.

1760d ago Replies(2)
jessupj1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

It should be about games, but unfortunately it isn't.

MS basically abandoned their core customer half way through this generation. History is a good indication of future behavior, so I expect MS to focus of the casuals again once they've tricked the core players into investing in their system.

I don't know about any one else, but I don't feel like paying $500 for a console that is going to stop releasing quality exclusives after a few years.

I'm not even going to go into the whole 'MS tried to royally fk their customers with DRM' cluster fk.

JohnDread1760d ago

You kinda ruined the suspense you tried to create with your title by adding that thumbnail.

Automatic791755d ago

I have told this to gamers before and I will say it again. Go with the system that caters to you.