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As most people know, I really enjoyed Prototype when it came out, I will be no part in the pointless Prototype VS Infamous war. But both games had their merits and in the meantime, thanks to the let down that was Crackdown 2, Prototype is the superpower sandbox game franchise I'm looking forward to entertain me with ridiculous abilities and weapons.

Previously I published a blog looking at the differences between Infamous and Prototype. I concluded that while Prototype was a fun game it missed out because of it's lazy approach to storyline and how things were never cleaned up at the end. Infamous had a lot better story and satisfying story. BUT...I actually had more fun playing Prototype sometimes because of the crazy stuff I could do in the game like Crackdown once served.

The previous blog can be found here;

Day by day, it sounds more like the Activision held website 'Murder Your Maker' is for Prototype 2. I've even made an analysis picture in my spare time to test this theory. It seems to have the same art theme and has several motifs of the marketing and packaging of Prototype. You can see this image here;

I'm here to talk about how I would set up a near perfect sequel of Prototype with the potential of better graphics and larger scale and variety of sandbox. So I warn;


At the end of Prototype, everything ended rather abruptly once killing the Supreme Hunter which was masquerading as Cross from Blackwatch and dumping a nuke into the ocean. Everything just ended suddenly and New York magically recovered as if no deaths or damage had been caused and Alex grew back from a crow. It was a stupid ending for a good, fun game that never really took itself seriously.
Several loose ends were left, such as the town of Hope and Pariah, Greene's 'son'. I believe myself, that Gentek may still be around although most the board members were killed and absorbed by Alex Mercer.
I think that shortly after the first game, Gentek capture Alex Mercer and try to extract what made him the accidental weapon he was in New York. This would set up Alex into a new hidden city, on a remote island purely populated by Gentek employees, like the TV series Eureka. This change of location would also allow different kind of areas within the sandbox such as beaches, forests to chop through and towns to slaughter.
However, it should be noted that Gentek should certainly be evil with causes for world domination using Alex and revealed to have Pariah locked underground. This then makes Alex a hero when he basically kills the whole population as he cannot escape the island, like Escape From New York.
Alex would no longer be a random serial killer out for himself and revenge within the first game and maintain his remaining humanity. This was a problem in the first game, Alex was a bad, irresponsible emo who only made things worse. In Prototype 2, he could easily redeem himself saving the world from Gentek's dastardly plans.

I'd expect the same abilities as the first game, but with easier controls. I can't think of anything else I want Alex to do, but first he needs to be weakened. Hence why I suggest he should get captured by Gentek and break free, regaining his mass and abilities.


Anyway, I'll find out in little over a week if I've got any of these guesses right because this would make for a good sequel.

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Stuart57562725d ago

"[PROTOTYPE 2] has [POTENTIAL]', not as much as inFamous 2.

Cajun Chicken2724d ago

I'm not going there. Prototype was no way perfect, but it was a lot of fun. The franchise itself has a lot of potential. After all, you don't know how good a sequel can be.