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I've pretty much jumped out, who else did?

Cajun Chicken | 2403d ago
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Here we go, another interesting but controversial blog post from Cajun Chicken. This is actually part of a small thing I was thinking many people slowly moved away from the focus of the 360, once getting a PS3?
I know a lot of us 'Sony fanbois' appear to look like we don't know what we're talking about, the fact is a large percentage of us seem to and we are; lets say most 'appear' to be...converts.

It has become evidential that a lot of people have got a 360 but have moved away purely in disinterest due to the PS3, call this flamebait if you wish. But its something I've been thinking about quite strongly since joining N4G. Here's my story;
Now take this, in the summer of 2007 I virtually worked part-time at a famous theme park in the UK before starting the second year of Uni with the ambition to get BOTH (then) next-gen consoles. Due to the much better outlook (at the time) of the 360, I got my 360 about 4 weeks saving the rest of most of my wages in the next few weeks for my PS3. I got Forza2 bundled with it, which felt like a bad Dreamcast game which I traded for Crackdown and bought a copy of Earth Defence Force 2017 there and then at the store, (a game that edged me to get 360, which I thought was going to be big and still to this day, is very underrated on the system)  then I got the usual suspects a few weeks afterwards; Dead Rising, Gears and Prey for the bargain price of £60.

The first game I tried was EDF2017 which I totally got hooked on, which still, to me, is one of the finest, pure fun games on the 360 which appears to only be condemned because it isn't published by MS or doesn't 'look like a true 360 game'.  I found I didn't really like Gears style until halfway through the game, when in the town where you have to blow up the oil to light up and reach different checkpoints. I was annoyed to find the rest of the game a little bit...well, meh, I've played better from Epic. I personally had much more fun with Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and especially the sim mode of UT2K4. I'm not 'wooed' by chainsaws on a gun and gore. I couldn't care less about the fate of Marcus.
Dead Rising was excellent to play. I dived into DR thinking it was going to be the left overs of the Resident Evil series and it wasn't. It's completely unrelated and keeps itself seperated from RE canon and I find that amazing. Prey was good also. Very interesting concept and game design. Good to see the Doom3 engine still stood the test of time.
 Overall, I enjoyed Crackdown the most due to its simple concept done perfectly with the defining leaps off skyscrapers to find your way around and doing crazy things like driving up walls and throwing cars.

Then it hit me. Most the 360's good games were third party, they may of only had 'only for Xbox 360' stamped on them, but hey. At the time of development, what other console could of they run on, Dead Rising on PS2 at the same time of the dev of the 360 version? Would devs bother with a console that wasn't offically released at the time of starting development? (PS3). I got my PS2 mostly for first party Sony published exclusives and here was the 360 about 3 years into the lifecycle with a tiny amount of highly aclaimed first party MS published exclusives, even less than the XBOX had in those few years and no signs of classics like Munches Oddysee, Halo or Crimson Skies.
 It seemed like developers were focusing on the hardware that the 360 presented the devs those many years years ago to make and test those games, because world wide, except for PC, nothing else could run them.

It was to my conclusion that the 360's 'killer apps' weren't actually AT ALL published by MS! And once the third parties moved away from the 360 as primary development, what would be left?

Next the PS3 was bought bundled with Resistance and Motorstorm. It was at this time I discovered Insomniac (same devs as R&C and early Spyro's) made Resistance too. First of all, I loved the weapons, next...well, it didn't have the best textures in the world, I'm sure we can agree. But I liked Resistance a lot for being a good fun FPS with original weapons and a great split screen co-op mode.
Motorstorm was pretty cool. But it was only singleplayer and my pet hate was how stupidly long it took the PS3 to load the vehicles on the preview screen. I really quite enjoyed Motorstorm as it reminded me of Burnout, Demolition Derby and Road Rash blended into one.
These however were dark days for the PS3 due to virtually nothing else being out, bad ports and PSN being basic.

After playing those games, THEN I went back into playing games and completing the games on my 360. I suddenly noticed something, I couldn't hear the drive or the fan on the PS3, but I certainly could on the 360. This was a large sound difference, then there was the powerblock (which I hadn't seen one that large for anything since the Amiga) everything was very awkward.

The PS3 then got Lair and Haze which most people ignored because they knew they could of been better on the system.
Then Warhawk arrived. Everything changed. The PSN exploded into life with activity and great, original PSN DL'able games and I was back on my PS3 again due to the free online and crazy excellent game that Warhawk was utilising the Six-Axis. Ratchet and Clank: Future followed (best retail platform game this gen) and Uncharted arrived (Naughty Dog, wasn't going to fail to impress) which proved itself in gameplay, narrative, character, artisitic design and animation. Which totally made me focus on the potential of the PS3 and its devs, much like the PS2 did.

Then looking at most the titles on the 360 after that, most of them run with the Unreal Engine 3 like Gears did, I wondered if it was trying to hide anything by purely having UE3 in nearly every good looking graphically intense game that bested most of the PS3's games.
 "Is the 360 trying to hide something?" I started to think.
 But I couldn't be proved right, due to the opinion that 'the PS3 was hard to develop for' which mainly involved Valve slinging mud because they couldn't be bothered to put resources into a new unfamilliar architecture. Of course its going to be HARD to develop for! Its unfamilliar and uncomfortable territory! Thats what a programmers and developers job involves!

Boom. Devs started learning how to make PS3 games ports equal to any other system and its very rare that the PS3 these days gets bad ports, but however, the HDD installs were still very big back then, now installs have shrunk and the PS3's HDD can be replaced for cheap. Uncharted especially proved itself by running Naughty Dog's trademark in-game, no loading screens, streaming technology since Crash 2.

The PS3's firmwares increasingly got better, more functional and more handy features on the XMB, LBP (Ammmaazzzzing!) and Home came out. (I missed MGS4, not my cup of tea) PSN got far better.

Previously the XBOX impressed me over the PS2 years with its power and its great MS published titles and both could co-exist in harmony in my room and it just seemed to be at this time that the PS3 had just a little bit more juice or people that knew how to squeeze the juice from the machine properly due to willing to experiment on new architecture or only having that architecture as the only stuff they work with.

The 360 started to look like a second relaunch of the XBOX but without the great MS published game library expecting the users to pay for more parts when out of the box. But actually built much...differently, just with stronger technology and just started to fail to impress me any longer with most of its impressive looking library being UE3 based games which could be used exactly the same on the PS3. Essentially, I became dissapointed with the steps the 360 made compared to the XBOX.

Wipeout HD came out. Oh, my god.
 "This is living"
That was it, here was a DL'able game that topped anything on any system in visuals and also it had a custom soundtrack patch which the game actually interracted with the music.

Then there was the case of MS nearly getting rid of every first party dev from under their shoulder, expecting to reform long running developing teams being absorbed into different teams. Even though Sony has managed to keep aquirred companies like Psygnoisis (Studio Liverpool, Wipeout) and Millenium Interractive (Studio Cambridge, Medievil) still open for many years without breaking them one bit, even when struggling.

Well, guess what, sorry to dampen your spirits people, but that question I asked myself appears to be slowly happening;
 "Once the third parties move away from the 360 as primary development, what would be left?"
 The 360 IS slowly losing its third party publshed armory except for the first party due to publishers wanting money from the 360 and the PS3 crowd and nobody with a 360 seems to care, the 360 is due to become a multi-plat system unless it has something up its sleeve. Having a large first party team really does pay off.

So thats it. I'm not selling the 360 or moving way from it completely, and it isn't even Killzone 2 that convinced me. It was purely 2007 and onwards and a case of 'spot the difference' throughout 2007 and 2008 on both consoles. The PS3 just seems to be getting better and better and the 360 appears to be stuck in a groove it can't move away from with the exclusives looking less and less due to the movement of most third party published games and franchises originally on 360 going to multiplat, now that the problems with the PS3 have more or less been ironed out. I haven't even had the RROD (knock on wood) but a lot of people around me has. One of my friends who never even believed in the RROD just had it to happen to him and has been left in a difficult position due to the fact he picked up the 360 more or less shortly after the UK launch...

I'm still waiting for what MS have up their sleeves for games, but I haven't got my hopes up. Because I really don't think there's much coming. I'll continue using the system for second-hand games and good XBLA titles like The Maw.
But from this year, the multiplats get bought for the PS3 and the 360 isn't going to be turned on for a very long time for a new title...unless, SOMETHING happens and I fear that a lot of everyday, average, Joe Public 360 owners (such as my friends, who got them over xmas) are going to be dissapointed and I predict XBL is shortly going to be equalled by PSN in either firmwares, patches, updates or future games on the PS3.

So, how many of us moved primary focus from 360 to PS3 throughout these last few years? Does anyone else feel the same way? I didn't get one 360 exclusive title last year and got all my multiplats for the 360, I haven't bounced mainly to the 360 for about a year now.
 Speak up (sensible) people.

toughNAME  +   2404d ago
Oh god.
I stopped reading after you compared mega flops like Haze and Lair to how loud the Xbox 360 is :S.

The 100 million difference between previous generation consoles would lead me to believe that most of the converts are PS2 owners.

Personally, Sony still has a lot of catching up to do before I can confidently lay down hundreds of dollars for them.
Cajun Chicken  +   2404d ago
It's not my fault the DVD drive is as louder than the actual XBOX'es drive, I mean that's just crazy...why, generally being made cheaper?

Did you even notice I admitted that Haze and Lair were failures and didn't impress me one bit and the PS3 was in Dark Ages until later that year?

And besides, most PS2 I owners know have a 360 and price is the only thing stopping them getting a PS3.
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hfaze  +   2403d ago
"Personally, Sony still has a lot of catching up to do before I can confidently lay down hundreds of dollars for them."

LOL... But yet you will plunk down hundreds of dollars for a console that is NOTORIOUS for hardware issues... Hmmmm...

The only thing that the PS3 needs now is a price drop, and you will see MANY more converts...

I started out this gen of consoles with the PS3 (resisted all of my buddies trying to talk me into getting a 360 at launch), then went ahead and picked up a Wii and a 360 later on. I had the 360 for about a year and ended up selling it (damn this recession!!!)... I just didn't use it enough to justify keeping it. The ONLY game that I could get my buddies to play online on a regular basis was Halo 3, and I'm not really a fan of the Halo series... :-P Not to mention how annoying it is to be in a CoD4 online match only to get BOMBARDED with invites to play Halo 3...

I have always bought multi-platform games for the PS3, and while I ended up with the inferior versions of games initially, it didn't take very long for developers to get a handle on the PS3 hardware and release cross-platform games at the same time, looking and playing the same on both consoles.

Not to mention, I rather enjoy the peace of mind I get from gaming on my PS3. I have no worries of my console running into a hardware issue mid-game (or my PS3 dying right before a game I have been waiting on forever releases). I'm not saying that the PS3's hardware is flawless, just MUCH better quality...
panasonic23  +   2403d ago
i love this ps3 fanboy blog keep up the good work lol not going to buy the 360 anymore lol sales prove other wise.
Jager  +   2403d ago
Pana, your pathetic lmao. least he owns BOTH systems, unlike *Cough* you *cough*
L Ronald Hubbard  +   2403d ago
Sales! SAles! SALes! SALEs! SALES! SALES!!!!!!

I've been hearing nothing but "sales" from people like you.
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rucky  +   2403d ago
That's cause there's no arguments left for 360 fanboys.
SaiyanFury  +   2403d ago
Panasonic, sales alone don't make a system great. It's the content, games and functionality that make a system great.
SL1M DADDY  +   2402d ago
Is that all that matters now to 360 fanboys? If so then you all must think it is pretty cool that the PS3 and 360 sold neck and neck last year right? Let's not get on the sale argument, we all know that the media lied to everyone by talking up the FUD and then at the end of the year Sony and MS release their real financial reports and bingo, the PS3 sold as much as the 360 and at twice the price... Sale - shmales.
SAiOSiN  +   2402d ago
wow like any1 cares about sales. sales don't affect u at all. i have both consoles. i have a 360 for some online games. the ps3 is my primary console. it has better games and online is free.
GlibGamer  +   2403d ago
Since getting the PS3 I have also played less and less of my 360, and I've been buying just about every multiplat for the PS3 instead of 360.

Why? I dunno, I'd rather play games on the PS3, I guess. No real good reason, other than being tired of the ham-fisted way Microsoft is killing the open game's market by buying multiplatform titles out from under the PS3.

A game system should live or die based on what the gamers want, not what a company manipulates.
evilmonkey501  +   2403d ago
nice article/blog
I agree with you completely. I own both systems, but unlike you I have suffered through 4 rrod. I finally got a jasper unit so hopefully this wont be an issue anymore, but, more to the point...I buy all my multiplats on the ps3 now as well...mostly for the free online. Great article. It is well written.
BlackCountryBob  +   2403d ago
BlackCountryBob, bought a Xbox 360 for £280 in October 2006 and bought 9 or so games in the following months before selling it in March 2007 for bout £300 and bought a PS3 for £400 which I have had ever since. Its not like I disliked my 360, it was a very good system and I have played no game online more than Gears of War but when it came to the punch I just saw the games that Sony were publishing which I could definitely only get on the PS3 and found them more interesting to me than the Microsoft only games like Halo 3. I always figured 3rd party games like Bioshock would eventually become none exclusive so I decided by that.

Thing is, the very small (50 or so) Xbox 360 clan I was a member of whom I am still in contact with has seen about third of the members do similar and maybe the same again have gone platform neutral. Its not an anti 360 thing but I guess people just see the grass as greener on the PS3 side.

It is a shame no-one tracks console second hand sales.

Interesting blog.
silvacrest  +   2403d ago
good blog
i had a 360 but found my self playing it less and less so sold it.
it was good while i had it but i was really waiting for the ps3 to come

and so far im glad i did, the only 360 games i wanted to play was gears 2 and ninja gaiden 2 and my bro already had them so i was good to go

everything else i wanted were multiplats or ps3 exclusives which is a shame because it looks like this year is going to be a repeat
WhoaMan  +   2403d ago
and all the other games coming out this year
mratcliffe22  +   2403d ago
me too !
though i was reading my own story (apart from 3 RROD myself).

Last time i got my 360 out was just to check the NXE interface, not even a game, athought i missed out on GOW2 but may pick it up later.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2403d ago
I just bought a PS3 a week ago. I've played a lot on the PS3 of my bro-in-law so I knew the system well and after having one for myself now I feel the same.

The 360 is still my preferred game machine.



Media Functions provided via Vista like DVR and TV watching are non-existant on the PS3.

Enjoying 360 games more. Uncharted, Heavenly, MGS4 are all great but haven't found the other "exclusives" doing much for me.

Not sure if you want just people who have jumped out but thought I would say as a multi-console owner I am the opposite of you.
Rice  +   2403d ago
I got a 360 last week, used tho 20gb hard drive. All I can say is, meh.
moodymofo  +   2403d ago
ms missleads ppl
yea you can get an xbox for 199 but try to save a game,you cant you have to at least buy a memory card and then you'll probably eventually get a hard drive for it, and the elite is 399 and at the same price as a ps3 and when comparing those 2 a person would be a fool not to get a ps3.

i have an elite and a ps3 my elite is on craigslist for trade for a ps3 because im tired of fighting my kids for mine but im in a sea off people who are trying to trade theirs for a ps3 also.i feel i can hardly give it away.i got my first xbox at launch then guess what it red ringed ms wouldnt fix it because they said it had been modified because there was evadence that i had put one of those niko cooling fans on the back but what ever i loved my box so i got an elite mainly because they said it had new hardware that wouldnt red ring then 6 months later it red ringed,ms did fix that one but by that time the ps3 had some major firware updates and the dualshock 3 was out it was around then when i made my ps3 my primary system.i got gears 2 when it came out and played it for about a weak then turned it in and havent looked back.

and i will say to anyone who is considering a system dont be suckerd into a 199 xbox save a couple more bucks and get a ps3 after all you get what you pay for, well i take that back with a 360 you get less than what you pay for and with a ps3 you get far more than what you pay for
deno  +   2403d ago
That's funny because I just jumped in, to enjoy halo 3, left 4 dead, cod 4.
Hallucinate  +   2403d ago
hmm less falming then i thought thered be only reason iclicked on the blog..but i read it. was a good little blog/article w/e u wanna call it
Socomer 1979  +   2402d ago
Good blog.
I can honestly say i jumped out after having several red ringing frustrations. i had 2 dead xboxes and i bought a arcade while waiting for my refurbished xbox to comeback in the mail. it didnt go well.
my arcade flashed me red rings so i traded it before it was officially dead.

i got a ps3 and even though it took about 2 weeks to get over xboxlive, i have a even better alternative. only then was i wide awake at exactly that moment when i thought about how much i was paying microsoft.

I only cared about rainbow 6, ghost recon advanced warrior 2 and call of duty 4. i had halo and gears but those were for the kids and pretty boring compared to my taste for hardcore shooters.
its all 3rd party and here i am paying on top of my connection to play online. cross chatin ingame was a feature that i blocked and ignored because its in my way. i only used it to talk to my brother and that is definatly not worth a microsoft point.

all i care about is going online and with dedicated servers running games on ps3 i just didnt think that was possible until i saw it with my own eyes with warhawk and resistance 2.

sorry microsoft, you have a very user friendly console there and you put a label on it but im not that gullable and the games are easily sacrificed for bigger and better. maybe they will get it right next time but my preference is the almighty ps3.

I use all of the playstations 3 advantages to the fullest extent.
xbox 360 would have stayed in my collection but it just cant meet the my standards. i made a choice because i have to. as a veteran hardcore gamer, I deserve better. I demand it.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2402d ago
I bought the ps3
For there exclusive , I even have a problem spending money on a multiplat games for my ps3. Its always been that way for me . If its a really good multiplat game I would wait till it's cheaper .
Roppongi_kid  +   2402d ago
i couldn't agree with this any more...
I've been a avid xbox supporter(i owned a ps2 also) back in the day, therefore jumped into the now current gen with the xbox 360. I had high hopes for the console as everything seemed just right, except for the lack of games.
I recently bought a ps3 and am more satisfied with it now than i think i've been in quite a while(or ever) with my 360, I have five games already, and i have a bout 10 for my 360(since its launch). Now i just like playing with the ps3 more and more all the time. Why can't MORE games be like Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet make its way to the 360, i'm so tired of these post apocalyptic shooters with monotone color scales and roid raging protagonists. Though they might be good, they also wear on the player after a while. I just can't help but get the feeling that microsoft is just milking a lot of its titles with sequels to make up for their lack of first party titles.
With the PS3 i get a sense of quality, i reminisce of the glory days of the ps2 when games were just simply fun to play. I never thought i would've even purchased a ps3(ever), but now i have very little reason to turn on my xbox. There are a few titles i'm looking forward to such ass Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake, but from my point of view the 360's future is a little cloudy at the moment, but at least I know my PS3 was well worth the investment.
#16 (Edited 2402d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Lastlivingsoul  +   2402d ago
By now I have more than likely built up a reputation for being a Sony Fanboy...and whatever. I own both a 360 and a Wii, and I guess they are both okay. I won't like PS3 is just, IMO a way better system, it's more for your money, and while Sony will still nickel-n-dime you, it's nowhere near what Microsoft does. I definitely talk crap about the 360 a lot. This is more a defense mechanism against the misinformation and the lies and misconceptions spread from people who haven't played a Ps3 in the past year. It's hard not to get defensive when you know that people don't know what they are talking about. I'm starting to let down my guard a little because things are changing. I see it at work...the hype for ps3 is building. Someday sony will drop the ps3 price, who knows when, but I really wonder if XBox will be able to survive, I hope so just for competitions sake (I have no problem admitting the XBox helped make Sony better.)
tbone432  +   2402d ago
I started with Xbox also.
I got a xbox first also, mainly cause at the time they were cheaper and I was short on cash. It was great cause i never got to play a halo game before so i wanted to see what all the hype was about, I was disappointed. But i really did enjoy forza 2. Other than that i was not satisfied, i got bored of gow. So i sold my xbox to a friend so i could play mgs4 and gt5p and uncharted. And i agree with you guys uncharted is awesome. But then my friend got rrod on my x xbox so ms fixed it but as soon as ups dropped it off he had already had it sold to someone else so he could get a ps3. We both agree that we enjoy them more than the xbox

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