(Im)patiently waiting for that English localisation of EDF 5

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We are NOT one, Sony.

I would like to dedicate this article to the certification process of SCE and regions.
 When I first bought my PS3, I loved the idea that because of Blu-Ray, much like the PSP I could import games and play them on the PS3.
 Then the PSN Store problems began...

The UK despite having English as its primary language (minus Welsh) I can't understand why SCE insists on us being in the EU store.
 First of all, I must explain I have nothing against any other nation in Europe, this is not a complaint due to the certification process counting the whole of Europe.
 This a the complaint of waiting for a 'translation' of a language the UK actually created and has been adapted the other side of the ocean .

What I'm getting at is I speak and read English. Although, because of a few spellings such as 'Colour' and 'Defence' I am left waiting MONTHS for some PSN games.
 I was left waiting ages for PAIN in the EU store because of all the other EU languages being compiled into the game. Novastrike only arrived last Oct, SSFT2:HD hasn't arrived yet and I really want Cuboid.
Thank god the delay for Bionic Commando: Rearmed was only one day or this whole ordeal would of got a LOT worse.

My main issue is, WHY do Sony insist on this certification process?
  Especially in the case of the American English translation to British English does it really take that long to exchange a few Us and Cs in words?
  I realise that all the EU languages are packed into the release over here, but seriously, why can't I have the American version?
 In fact, why should the UK wait for all the other languages if its that simple to 'translate' it from the US version?
  I mean, seriously those minor 'spelling mistakes' wouldn't affect the gameplay at all.
 I know I can resort to a credit card and a spare US account, but should I have to resort to that?

Now I will bring up the XBLA situation. I admit, XBLA is much better in this respect, because MS release all regional versions of the game at EXACTLY the same time, its great to read up on a DD game and get it exactly the same night as every other continent.
 However, there is a few games I'd prefer on my PS3 due to the free online features with PSN. SSFT2:HD is one of those.

 This is however isn't JUST a complaint or an item of construction criticism about the state of the EU PSN Store.

We now move onto Home.
 I like Home. I think its a fantastic thing and it will grow and develop with the PS3 users.
 One minor problem; lets put this into very simple context:

 American users can talk with American users in their region of Home, Japanese users can talk with Japanese users in home, however English speaking British users have to virtually run around asking people if they speak english because of the French, Spanish and all the other languages cobbeled into area.
 I'm not sure if SCEE actually realise that the Babelfish doesn't exist and is a work of fiction.

 As you'd imagine, shoving a bunch of people into a room who can't speak each others languages doesn't work that well, I know some very basic French due to school in the past, but I'm not capable of a sensible conversation at all with my limited skills, I'm sure there are thousands upon thousands of others with this same problem that finds this dampens the experience in Home.

 Compared to the fact that there are other rooms with people speaking the SAME language in two other rooms the other sides of the world and interacting without a hitch just makes the situation even more stupider.

Basically, putting it simple the UK need a seperate region of Home and PSN needs to have international releases for everything put up on the store.
 This is making having a PS3 in the UK that little bit stressful and these are really my only large complaints.

 Its time to do something because XBLA is embarassing PSN with international releases. I shouldn't have to wait because America gets everything through PSN exactly the same time as everywhere, why should the US get favoritism?
 Why should I have to wait for months for several other languages being implemented in my game that I won't ever use?
 Wouldn't it be more logical to just change those minor words and the rest of the EU waits for the real translation?

I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but hopefully UK users will speak up on this situation and US users will begin to learn just why we are always complaining about the situation of SSFT:HD and Lumines in recent weeks.

This does not include the lack of PSN Video Store, because that is due to complex licencing issues, so no complaints there, fully understandable.

 I will reply to sensible comments and replies that discuss arguements or logical disagreements. So feel free to counteract with my arguement.

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fossilfern3349d ago

Nice blog. Sony should defenatly just have a UK department this wait for SF2HDR is a total joke it is frustrating having a PS3 in the UK and since the primary launguage here is English they should just get the SCEA verson and put them on here and then maybe add Welsh,Ulsterscot and all later on with a patch. But SCEE is terible we get everything last sure we havnt even got the Movie Store yet and that is really doing my head in but good read man

kwicksandz3348d ago

We are in NO way a part of europe.. we are on the other side of the fricken world!! Yet we fall under the umbrella of SCEE, and our primary language is also English.

SCEE = incompetent

Cajun Chicken3348d ago

Really? I never knew that.
Hopefully they sort theirselves out sooner than later. So we basically have the same problems. Its ridiculous, isn't it?
Slicing the world into regions without even thinking about languages.

Just one of the very rare complaints about Sony and the PS3 for me.

LinuxGuru3349d ago

There should be no divisions in SCE. They need to unify under one moniker. It would just be SCE International, and they would retain their locations around the world, except all projects and all goals would be communicated and achieved by all locations around the world as a whole.

Being united doesn't mean they'd have to do away with individual dev. teams working on diff. projects, it just means that they'd be under common management and resources could be pooled to work on some more important projects if they need to be done by a particular date.

Cajun Chicken3348d ago

I agree. But I'm sure you can see my stand point that something I can fully understand is being delayed due to 'translation'
They really need a system much like the way XBLA works when everyone world-wide gets the same stuff on the same date, whatever language.

But this still doesn't stop the confusion of multiple languages in Home. The UK should have a seperate section and should be able to cross straight into the US Home.
Because I'm sorry, right now I avoid Home due to the fact, well, basically, I can't understand 70% of the occupants in the EU section.
The US and Japan don't have this problem because they only focus on one language and one region.
In fact, every region in Europe should have its own Home section and have the choice to go to a main EU Home hub where they can interract with the whole of Europe if they choose.

SprayandPreycom3348d ago

is owning europe at the moment

LinuxGuru3348d ago

LMAO you sure do know how to tell a good joke =)

madpuppy3348d ago

Why Sony cannot just separate users based on preferred language. If you have to choose a language when registering, that should be the criteria based on what servers you have access to in multiplayer.

shawnsl653348d ago

2 words my friend : "Lag issues"

every played a game on the wrong host? you'll lag like crazy.

madpuppy3347d ago

When I am playing on XBL I play with people from the UK and there hasn't been a problem.
I never researched it but what is the main fundamental difference between how XBL and PSN run as regards their servers?

majorsuave3344d ago

Lag would be an issue with FPS games and such that are time critical. In a lot of game types it does not matter much.

I used to play DAOC on PC and I, in Canada, played with people in Denmark, UK, New Zealand, Brazil and the US, and I must say, we never felt that lag was an issue.
So, while playing COD 4 could prove problematic if the server was 1400ms away, I don`t think Home would be a big issue.