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Madden 12- Worth another 65$ payout this year?

I don't know if you have noticed but madden has been, (not considering the minimal graphical enhancements each year), almost the same exact game for the past 7 years. As a fan myself, I'm starting to grow tired of kissing the ring on EA SPORTS giant fingers, letting them take my money regardless of how good of a game they put out each year. They haven't only been doing this with Madden but with the Tiger Woods PGA tour series as well, to the point where I have yet to purchase a Tiger Woods game since 2008.

I was extremely disheartened with the loss of the NFL 2K series, and I felt that it was to be a bad omen for the things to come in the sports industry...with no-one left to compete with, EA SPORTS had lost the last thing that was going to keep their developers striving to make a better game each year. Look at NBA 2k11- Michael Jordan was the feature star of this game, and in all fairness to 2k sports, there is almost no way you can top that game next year. But I don't think they really care, from a biased standpoint you can see that they were more concerned about doing something special. And because of just how amazing that game turned out, EA SPORTS was pretty much forced to cancel the release of NBA ELITE 11. If 2k sports can do with football what they did this year with basketball, I would definitely shift my loyalty over to 2k football.

I have observed and compared each madden release from the years past. Other than adding some extra rating columns and making the dreadlocks on players heads look more realistic they have done nothing new whatsoever. Any new feature that they DO come out with never really appears on the next years game. That itself is a sign of slacking.

All this being said, madden 12 will be releasing this August. And after 8 years of buying this game on the release date, and 4 years of Pre-ordering it, I assure you that I am done doing so until EA can grow a pair. I'm sick of the same game and the lack of competition that has basically caused this. I would rather EA SPORTS come out with a MADDEN every 3 years, and the time in-between they just give us a firmware update and a roster update. Which come to think of it is basically what we all have been shelling out 65$ for each year.

......65 bucks for a firmware update

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plumber152474d ago

agree thats why i haven't bought this game since 08 . and if 2k makes a game i will be the first to be at the store to buy it ,no matter if the game if better or worse then madden . I try not to give my money to EA but i am in the same boat as you with the NHL series i seem to pay $69.99 each year just for a roster update .